Installing and using Atlas VPN


Highest level freemium VPN service for secure communication

AtlasVPN Is an American VPN provider founded in 2019 Peakstar Technologies VPN app provided by the company with high encryption Secure connection, Kill switch or no logs policy Privacy protection, By private DNS or SafeSwap Anonymization Even with the free plan, there is no limit to the communication speed and P2P connection can be used.

Free plan restrictions
・ Connection server: USA / Netherlands
・ Maximum amount of data used: 10 GB per month
There are many users of free servers, and the servers are often overloaded.

An American cybersecurity company that will become an independent third institution in 2021 VerSprite The audit results have been made public, and the canary of the warrant can also be confirmed on the official website.
Atlas VPN completes its first independent security audit
Warrant canary

Atlas VPN will be released in October 2021 NordVPN Parent company North Security Was acquired by and is now  North Security It operates independently under its umbrella.
See below for VPN

Security and benefits of using VPN services

Benefits of using a VPN service and indicators when selecting a VPN provider Using a VPN service offers the benefits of secure communication, concealment of communication content, and anonymization of communication, and the location of the connection source by specifying a connection server. […]

System requirements

Version 2 Currently

OS: Windows 10/11

Where to get the software

Atlas VPN official download page

Install atlasVPN

The atlasVPN installer does not include adware or spyware.

Atlas VPN-001

Click "Download" on the download page to download the installer.

The download page downloads the installer for 64bit, so32bit If you are using Windows 10 atlasVPN x86 version installerDownload from the link.


When you start the downloaded installer, the setup wizard will start, so click "Next".


If there is no problem with the license agreement and privacy policy, "Install".

Atlas VPN-002

When the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.


Once the installation is complete Launch Atlas VPN Check the box and click "Finish".

Create an account

The account creation screen opens at the first startup, so follow the wizard to create an account.


Enter the email address you want to use for your account and click Send secure link.


A confirmation email will be sent, so click "Confirm sign-in" in the body of the email.

The confirmation email must be accessed from the device using the atlasVPN app.


When your email address is verified, atlasVPN will start.

Account management

The created account is Atlas VPN websiteYou can access the management screen from, but in the current version, it is a premium at setup, so you do not need to operate on the management screen.

Atlas VPN-030

Atlas VPN websiteTo access and in the upper right Log in Click


Enter the email address you use for your account.

Your atlasVPN account does not have a password and you will receive a confirmation email every time you log in.


Set the automatic startup when Windows starts, the kill switch, the protocol to be used, and so on.

Atlas VPN-006

Edit settings in the left sidebar Settings Click


Security On the tab atlasVPN Automatic startup , Automatic connection To set.

Atlas VPN-007

If you always connect to the VPN using atlasVPN Start on Launch と Auto Connect To enable.

Start on Launch
Enable atlasVPN when the device boots.
Auto Connect
Connect to the previous connection server when atlasVPN starts.
Kill Switch
Enable the kill switch.
Allow push notifications
Enable push notifications.
Kill switch Is a feature that blocks the system from connecting to an unencrypted DNS server to stay online if the VPN connection is disconnected for any reason.If enabled, anonymity and privacy protection can be ensured, but the Internet will be blocked until the VPN connection is restored.Is done.

Protocols Specify the protocol (communication protocol) to be used.

Atlas VPN-010

The default setting is Car The most secure protocol is automatically selected.

wire guard
A protocol that consumes less system resources, is fast, and uses state-of-the-art encryption technology.
IPSec / IKEv2
A 256-bit robust and fast cryptographic protocol that can be blocked by firewalls.
App Settings

App Settings You can set the sending of anonymous information and check for application updates.

Atlas VPN-012

By default Analytics Is enabled, so opt out if you want to stop sending data such as anonymous usage.

Gather basic information for developers such as error and crash reports.
Close to tray
Hide the atlasVPN icon in the system tray.
Check for app updates.

How to use atlasVPN

atlasVPN is Quick connection When the button is enabled, it connects to the nearest server.


Home Click the Quick Connect button in the right pane of the screen to enable it to connect to the nearest optimal server based on server distance, server load, and so on.

Atlas VPN-014

When the connection is established Current Connection The location of the server is displayed in.

If you want to disconnect the VPN connection, use the quick connection button orCurrent Connection Click on the location.

Atlas VPN-041

Premium planUpgrade to 45 units in 750 countries Use a server with optimized connection speedit can.


SafeSwap Is a unique feature of atlasVPN available in the premium plan that rotates the IP address without changing the connection server to improve anonymity.

Atlas VPN-044

SafeSwap is available in the US, Singapore, and the Netherlands.Privacy Pro In the tab of SafeSwap Servers Specify the connection destination from.

MultiHop + Server

MultiHop + Server Is a feature available in the premium plan that improves anonymity and allows an attacker to avoid monitoring the VPN server by going through two VPN servers, which is a concern when using a normal VPN server.

In countries where the Internet is regulated, such as China, Russia, and Turkey, and in countries where the Internet is monitored by countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom and legally enforceable against VPN providers, traffic on installed servers is monitored. There is a risk that the VPN will lose its anonymity.

Atlas VPN-045

You can specify Europe and the United States,Privacy Pro In the tab of MultiHop + Servers Specify the connection destination from

Since it goes through the relay server, the communication speed drops.


Streaming servers Is a server optimized for connecting to video streaming services and is available with a premium plan.

Atlas VPN-046

streaming Connect by specifying the location of the server from the tab.

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix in Japan block access over VPN connections, so they cannot be used even if you use a domestic server.

Tracker Blocker

Tracker Blocker Is a feature that blocks the display of ads and tracking when browsing websites, and is available in the premium plan.

Atlas VPN-047

On the left sidebar Assistant から Tracker Blocker choose.

Atlas VPN-048

The detected trackers are displayed, so if tracking is blocked Block Trackers To enable.

Atlas VPN-049

Click "Reconnect" because reconnection is required.

When connecting to atlas VPN Tracker Blocker Is enabled.

Data Breach Monitor

Data breach monitor Is a security function that checks for leakage of personal information such as account information and credit cards. With the free plan, you can register one email address.

Atlas VPN-016

On the left sidebar Assistant から Data Breach Monitor choose.

Atlas VPN-017

Click "Add new Email".

Atlas VPN-018

Enter the email address you want to confirm and click "Scan for breaches".

Atlas VPN-019

The scan result is displayed.

Atlas VPN-051

With the premium plan, you can monitor multiple email addresses and check for leaked information.

Check for DNS leaks

Use a dedicated site to check if the IP address is properly protected when connecting to the VPN.

Atlas VPN-020

With a VPN connection established To access Your IP address と DNS Address If is the same IP address and the country of the connected VPN server is displayed, the IP address is anonymized.

atlasVPN upgrade

The premium plan of atlasVPN has no limit on the number of devices that can be used, and can realize a more secure environment at a reasonable price.

Premium plan purchase page

・ Number of devices that can be used with one account: Unlimited
・ Location: Over 45 units in 750 countries
· P2P connection: Support
· Streaming service: Support
· Connecting to Tor: Support
・ Ad blocking: Support

Atlas VPN-021

Premium plan purchase pageGo to and click "Grab the deal".

Atlas VPN-022

From the language list on the top right Japanese Select to select the plan to purchase.

Each plan is a subscription type Automatic updateIs done.
Cancellation of subscription
There is no subscription cancellation function on the management screen, and if you pay by credit card, you will need to contact directly,PayPal If you are using, you can stop automatic payment from the PayPal management screen.

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