Risk of using IObit app


Why IObit is criticized and the dangers of apps

IObit Is a Chinese software vendor that develops system utilities and security software, while it is notorious. IObit Uninstaller There are also apps that are highly evaluated.


IObit's official website is based in China Basin, San Francisco, USA, but the company was founded in 2004 in Shanghai, China.

Browser hijacker IObit Apps Toolbar

Browser hijacker for IObit product installer IObit Apps Toolbar Was bundled for some time, and when installed Homepage changes-Search engine changes-Redirects to potentially risky ad pages In addition to executing such things, it also had the nature of spyware that collects data such as searched keywords and visited sites.


During the heyday of Windows XP, PC performance was significantly degraded due to bloated registry, Internet cache, system temporary files, etc., so system maintenance utility software was popular.Advanced SystemCare Install  IObit Apps Toolbar Many users have been troubled by.

 IObit Apps Toolbar Has been blocked as a PUP / SUS (Potentially Unwanted Program) or adware in security apps and is no longer distributed.

Malware Fighter – Conflict with Malwarebytes

November 2009 US security vendor Malwarebytes Is your own security software Anti-MalwareDatabase definition Accused of stealing IOBit.

Malwarebytes to prove plagiarism Anti-Malware In the database of Rogue. AV Clean Sweep Pro Added a dummy definition.
IOBit's malware that shouldn't exist Malware Fighter Came to be detected by the same name within 2 weeks.
IObit didn't admit the facts, but in the end  Malware Fighter It accounted for 7% of the total from the database of Anti-Malware Definition has been removed.


VirusTotalIObit Malware Fighter If you scan the installer for, Dr.Web, eGambit, and GData will also detect PUPs.


VirusTotal Does not detect, butMalwarebytes Of Anti-Malware Has all IObit products Potentially unwanted program Block the installation as (PUP).


Available for free IObit Malware Fighter Free (Version 8) is not reliable as security software because it passes through programs that other security software blocks.

Paid version IObit Malware Fighter ProIs a Romanian security vendor BitDefender It uses a scan engine developed by the company, but its implementation method is different from that of the original BitDefender, and its protection capability is unknown because it is not provided to independent test laboratories such as AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST.

IObit Malware Fighter Official Website

Advanced SystemCare

A system maintenance app that is IObit's flagship product and also mediated by IObit Apps Toolbar Advanced SystemCare Some people question its safety, but similar apps are risky to use because they delete files and registries that you don't think you need.Advanced SystemCare Not only is it particularly dangerous.


Most rogueware only displays warnings and does no substantive action, Advanced SystemCare (Version 14) is processing based on the specified settings.

Even in the free version with limited functions, scanning is aggressive, and log files of apps that are not detected by other system maintenance apps are also subject to deletion.


Some of the modules available in the free version require download,IObit Uninstaller-Driver Booster Other applications of IObit such as are also described to guide the installation.

IObit products allow silent installation to hide progress during installation in their license agreement, so clicking on other IObit apps such as IObit Uninstaller or Driver Booster will not bring up the setup screen.
Earlier versions automatically install IObit related apps without user permission Downloader Trojan There was a time when it behaved similarly to.


Advanced SystemCare Installer AVG-Dr.Web-eGambit-GData Detected as PUP inMalwarebytes The Potentially unwanted program Block the installation as (PUP).

IObit AdvancedSystemCare Official Website

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller Has an easy-to-understand user interface and is highly rated among IObit products, and the free version works well.


Advanced SystemCare As with the scan, the scan is aggressive,Revo Uninstaller Files excluded by will also be deleted.


IObit Uninstaller Installer Dr.Web-Sophos-Malwarebytes Is detected as PUP / PUA.

IObit Uninstaller official website


iTOP Is an IObit partner and is currently IObit Uninstaller For installers such as iTOP VPN Products such as are bundled.


You can opt out, but the installation is enabled by default.


iTOP VPN is installed in the desktop widget You are open to the public! is displayed, but this is displayed even if you are anonymizing by connecting to a VPN other than iTOP VPN just by exposing the acquired IP.


I hope it works as a VPN even if I have some quirks.When I connected to a server in the UK with iTOP VPN, the IP address could not be anonymized due to a DNS leak..

Uninstalling IOBit/iTOP

Uninstalling IOBit/ iTOP products for Windows Programs and features You can run it from, but the files will remain in the registry, ProgramData folder, etc.Revo Uninstaller It is recommended to use an uninstaller such as.



Installing and using Revo Uninstaller

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The paid version of Revo Uninstaller Pro is for Windows Programs and features Even after executionForced uninstall It is also possible to forcibly delete the remaining files by entering the application name with.

IObit product rating

In recent years, security apps have blocked adware and spyware if they are included in the installer, so the business model as before is no longer valid, and there is a risk of using current IObit products due to the nature of the app. To a degree, there is no threat that can be called malware.

IObit products Renewal of restaurants that have caused food poisoning many times in the past There are some areas where past achievements are anxious, but the reality is that there is no reason to use IObit products and there are many reasons to avoid using them.

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Risk of using IObit app

Why IObit is criticized and the dangers of apps IObit is a Chinese software vendor that develops system utilities and security software, and while it is notorious, it is highly rated by IObit Uninstaller and others […].


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