Installing and using AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard


Standard free software that allows you to change partitions and clone disks

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a storage management app developed by Chinese software vendor AOMEI Technology that can handle partition resizing, which normally requires formatting, in a wizard format while retaining data.

The free version of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard does not allow you to use dynamic disk related features, but it allows you to resize and maintain basic partitions.
There are many criticisms about the software from Chinese vendors, and there are some information that spyware is included, but in the current version (8.6), there are no spyware, adware, or bundles of third-party apps.
See below for basic and dynamic discs / MBR and GPT

Basic disks and partitions

Windows standard disk management Basic disks and partitions Windows disk management includes basic disks and dynamic disks, but dynamic disks have been discontinued […].


Dynamic disk and RAID

Windows-specific disk management with spanned volume and software RAID Dynamic disk is a Windows-specific disk management format implemented from Windows 2000 and is subject to partition restrictions […].

System requirements

Version 9 as of

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32bit / 64bit)

Support device
IDE (Parallel ATA) / Serial ATA (SATA) / SCSI / IEEE1394 / USB etc.
Available on all Windows-recognized storage devices.
Support file system
NTFS / FAT32 / FAT16 / FAT12 / EXT4 / EXT3 / EXT2 / ReFS

Where to get the software

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Official Download Page 

Install AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

The AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard installer does not include adware or spyware.


Click "Free Download" on the official download page to download the installer.


When the installer is started and the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


The language selection is "Japanese" and "OK".


The paid version of the advertisement will be displayed, so click "Skip" to use the free version.


Check the license agreement and if there are no problems, click "Install Now".

The installation destination of the program can be changed from "Path".


"Experience Now" completes the setup and launches AOMEI Partition Assistant.

The "User Experience Improvement Plan" collects anonymously the usage status of apps installed on the PC and AOMEI Partition Assistant, so if you are interested, uncheck it and opt out.

How to use AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

AOMEI Partition Assistant can be used for basic partition operations of basic disks even in the free version, and can also be used for storage configured with RAID on the chipset.

RAID drives configured with dynamic disks need to be upgraded to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional.


"Migrate OS", "Erase data" and "Disk conversion" in the icon menu can be used by paid Professionals, and "Backup" is a link to the backup software "AOMEI Backupper".

Basic operation

The operation target of AOMEI Partition Assistant is "Disk" and "Partition", and the menu is different, but the basic operation is the same. Select "Disk" or "Partition" and then set the task to be executed.

When running AOMEI Partition Assistant, close other applications and make sure to back up before running.


When AOMEI Partition Assistant is started, the User Account Control dialog is displayed, so click "Yes" to allow it.


Since the set task is added as "pending" after the processing is reflected on AOMEI Partition Assistant, continuous processing such as formatting and then splitting is possible, and click "Apply" in the icon menu. Then the tasks will be executed in the order in which they were added.
Clear the added task with "Cancel".


The number displayed in the applicable part is the number of pending tasks. You can check the tasks by clicking ▼.


Click Apply and select Yes in the confirmation dialog to start processing tasks that are on hold.

Operations available on "disks"
・ Disk clone 
Duplicate data from one disk to another
・ Check for bad sectors
Check for bad sectors on the disk
-Delete partition
Delete the partition on the disk to make it "unallocated"
・ Disk defragmentation
Eliminate disk fragmentation

・ Properties
Check details such as the number of disk sectors, number of cylinders, and number of heads

* Dynamic disc menu cannot be used in the free version
* Rebuilding the MBR cannot be used because the boot media cannot be created in the free version.
* Hard disk erase is not displayed in the "Pro" icon, but cannot be used in the free version.
* Disk backup is backup software " AOMEI Backupper Is required separately


To select "Disk", click the target disk from the upper or lower pane.

Disk clone

Not only can the copy of the disk be divided into partitions of the same size as the copy source, but the partition size can be adjusted as desired.

In the mode for migrating only data, even if the copy destination disk size is smaller than the copy source disk size, copying is possible if the amount of data to be transferred is smaller than the disk size.
The free version does not allow copying of system disks with Widnows installed.


Select the copy source disk and select “Disk Clone” from the left sidebar.


Select the clone mode and click Next.

Fast clone of disk
You can resize the partition in a mode that copies only the used space where the data is stored.
Sector-by-sector clone
Completely duplicate the source disk, including the partition.


Select the target disk to duplicate to and click "Next".

If the target disk is SSD, enable "Optimize SSD performance".


Check the dialog and click "Yes".


Select the clone option.

Change partition size
Available when the clone source disk and the target disk are the same size or the target disk size is large.
Match to copy destination
In the mode of duplicating with the same partition configuration as the clone source disk, if the copy destination disk size is smaller than the copy source disk, the partition size is automatically adjusted according to the data size stored in the partition.


After completing the wizard, click "Apply" to display the pending tasks and click "Continue" to start cloning.

The cloning process can be canceled, but if canceled, the target disk will be in the "unallocated" state.


An error message may be displayed when the cloning process is completed, and a crash dump file is also generated, but if the processing progress is 99%, the cloning may be completed.

Bad sector check

"Checking for bad sectors" visualizes the health condition of an optical disc and can be used as a guide for disk replacement.


Execute it when there is a strange noise or slowdown from the HDD, and if an error block is detected CrystalDiskInfo , FromHDDtoSSD Detailed analysis is recommended using such as.

Delete partition

Delete all partitions in the drive to make them unallocated.

Disk defragmenter

Delete all partitions in the drive to make them unallocated.


Eliminate disk fragmentation with features implemented from version 9.

Operations available on "partitions"
・ Resize / Move
Resize partition
・ Combine
Join adjacent partitions while preserving data
Duplicate partition to partition on another disk
Create a new partition in the "Unallocated" area
Delete the partition to make it "unallocated"
Format the partition
・ Change label
Create to change the label of a partition
-Change the drive character
Change the drive letter of the partition
・ Hide
Cancel and hide the drive letter of the partition

* Erase partition is not displayed in "Pro" icon, but cannot be used in Standard.
* Partition backup is " AOMEI Backupper Is required separately


To operate "Partition", select the target partition and then select it from the context menu (right-click menu).

Resize / move partition

Moving / resizing a partition resizes an existing partition while preserving the saved data.


To check the partition before executing "Resize / Move Partition", select the target partition and then select "Check Partition" from "Detailed Processing" in the context menu.


Check "Run chkdsk.exe to check for errors on the partition" and click "Yes".

If an error is detected, it will try to repair it, so follow the instructions to complete the error check.


To resize, move the bar in the "Size and location" item or enter a number in "Partition size" to specify the partition size.

In the bar for resizing, the used area where data is saved is displayed darkly, and you can freely resize the unallocated area adjacent to the free area.
When the existing partition is shrunk, the shrunk part becomes the "unallocated" area.


If there is free space in the partition adjacent to the selected partition, check "Allocate free space from partition (*) to (*)" to use the free space of the adjacent partition to set the size of the target partition. Can be expanded.

Combine partitions

Combine two partitioned partitions into one partition while preserving the data stored in the partition.


For partition combination, the configuration on the disk including unallocated space is displayed, so check the area to be combined with the selected partition.


The data contained in the combined partition will be saved in the selected partition while being stored in the folder "* – drive-xxxxx".

Clone partition

Copy any partition to "unallocated space" on the disk.


Select the clone mode and click Next.

Fast clone of partition
You can resize the partition in a mode that copies only the used space where the data is stored.
Sector-by-sector clone
Completely duplicate the source partition, including free space.


Specify the unallocated space of the target clone destination and click "Next".


Set the partition type and drive character, and resize the partition as needed.


The partition is automatically cloned with the label "Clone (drive letter)".

Create partition

Create partition creates a new partition in unallocated space.


Select unallocated space and select "Create Partition" from the left sidebar.


The partition to be created is "Extended partition" by default, so if you want to change it to "Primary partition", click "Details".


In "Details", you can set the label and partition type.

Delete partition

Make the selected partition "unallocated".

Only "Fast Delete Partition" is available in Standard.

How to buy AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro, which supports "creating bootable discs", "converting MBR and GPT formats", "dynamic disk management", etc., can be upgraded to a new version for free. Only the lifetime version (indefinite) is available for about 1 yen per license. So, the settlement is a German settlement agency service, "Clever Bridge", which also has a Japanese subsidiary.

Since version 9, new features such as "Delete files" and "Move apps" have also been added.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro purchase page


AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro purchase page Click "Buy Now" in "Professional Edition".

The price difference between the "Lifetime Upgrade" and the "Current Version" is about 1000 yen, so we recommend the "Lifetime Upgrade", which allows a permanent free upgrade.


After confirming the product and price on the purchase page, enter the required items.

Payment methods are "convenience store payment", "credit card", and " PayPal Is available.


When the authentication of payment information is completed, the final confirmation screen will appear, so click "Buy now".


When the payment is completed, the product key will be displayed at the same time as the order number, so copy it.

The product key is also included in the body of the email "Order number xxxxxxxx: AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro ~" sent to the email address.


Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant and enter the license code to register in the icon menu to activate.


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