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Google's Personal Information Gathering and De-Google Guidance

Breaking away from and replacing Google services that collect personal information The DeGoogle activity is a grassroots movement aimed at removing Google from our net life, breaking away from Google and preserving privacy […].


phishing and spam

Definition of Spam E-mail and Examples of Spy E-mail Spam E-mail (Junk E-mail) is a junk e-mail that is unilaterally mass-transmitted using the recipient list, and is a luncheon meat SP sold by Hormel Foods in the United States […].


Producing original pottery with Yaco oven pottery clay

Create an original water dish using Yako's oven pottery clay that can be fired in the oven. […]


Darknet accessed by Tor

Lawless land accessed by anonymizing browser Tor Websites include the surface web (surface web) that is displayed in search engines such as Google and the deep web (deep web) that is not displayed in search engines […]


Before using free software

Basic knowledge you should know before using free software As smartphones have become widespread and mobile apps can be monetized by collecting advertisements and personal information, the current free software running on Windows is open source [… ]


Copyright law and illegality of ripping and capture

Illegalness such as DVD / BD copy ripping and video download Article 30 of Japanese copyright law allows copying of copyrighted works for private use, but at the same time prohibits the avoidance of technical protection measures. So use the app to DV […]


How to save videos from video streaming services

How to Save Amazon Prime Video and Netflix Content to Video Files When using video streaming sites such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, the titles I intended to watch later disappear […]


Installing and configuring The Moneytizer

The Moneytizer, an ad distribution platform that generates revenue from 1000 ad impressions (CPM), is a web advertising company headquartered in France.


Safety of memo apps and typical memo apps

The difference between an app that stores data in encrypted storage and zero knowledge The security of a memo app is a trade-off for convenience, but one indicator is whether service providers can access stored user content. […]


UHD Friendly Drive and Firmware Downgrade Method

BD drive required for ripping 4K UHD Blu-ray 4K UHD Blu-ray cannot be played unless hardware conditions such as Intel SGX support are met, but UHD Friendly Dr […]


Suit basics and bits of knowledge

Suit size notation and size balance, maintenance methods, cleaning frequency, etc. In today's Japan, business suits are treated like a symbol of an old-fashioned work style. Gro […]


Malware type and overview

Forms and Types of Malicious Programs "Malware" Malware is a portmanteau of Malicious software, which includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spa […]


What to do when you suspect a virus infection on your computer

What to do when computer virus infection is suspected for free and basic knowledge of malware The two major functions of security software are antivirus and firewall, and antivirus mainly performs prevention, quarantine, and removal, and phi […]


Ripping software that can release copy guard

An app that can remove copy protection for DVD / Blu-ray DVD and Blu-ray access control and removal of copy protection are illegal acts that violate the evasion of technical protection measures under Article 30 of the Copyright Law, but copy […]


How to purchase a Leawo product and register a license code

 Introducing Leawo's sale information, purchase procedure and license registration method Leawo is a brand of multimedia tools developed by software vendor Moyea Software based in Shenzhen, China, China […]


DVDFab Sale Info Latest Sale Information and How to Buy

DVDFab sale information and purchase procedure ・ Introducing license registration method DVDFab can remove the copy guard developed by DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao Software) in China […]


Security and benefits of using VPN services

Benefits of using a VPN service and indicators when selecting a VPN provider Using a VPN service offers the benefits of secure communication, concealment of communication content, and anonymization of communication, and the location of the connection source by specifying a connection server. […]


Changes in Domestic Production and Prices of Suits

Changes in Domestic Production of Suits and Historical Background The apparel industry is the first to suffer damage when the economy deteriorates, and is unaffected until the end even when the economy recovers. Contrary to the glamorous […]


MyCommerce payment method and suspension of subscription

How to stop payments and subscriptions (subscriptions) with the global payment service MyCommerce MyCommerce is provided by Digital River in the United States, which is widely used for payment services for overseas apps […]


Obtaining and setting up a Google account

Creating accounts and security settings required to use various Google services Google accounts are Gmail, YouTube, Chrome browser, Google Drive, Karen […] provided by Google.


Plantronics Voyager Legend Reset and Firmware Update Procedure

Resolving Plantronics Voyager Legend Bugs with Firmware Updates Plantronics' Bluetooth-connected headset Voyager Legend is an ear-hook type, so […]


Replacing the battery of the wristwatch and using the back cover closing machine

Surprisingly risky watch battery replacement The price of watch battery replacement is more than half the technical fee, so it is cheaper to replace it yourself, but in some cases the back cover will not close or the dial will open when you open the back cover. There is a risk of floating. […]


Withings Steel HR Setup and Reviews

Withings Steel HR setup with heart rate & activity monitor Steel HR is an IoT (Internet of Things) manufacturer headquartered in France W […]


Introducing and using PayPal

Founded in 1998, PayPal, a pioneer of Fintech, is an online payment agency service originating in the United States and has a solid support system. ]


Risk of using IObit app

Why IObit is criticized and the dangers of apps IObit is a Chinese software vendor that develops system utilities and security software, and while it is notorious, it is highly rated by IObit Uninstaller and others […].


Risks and uninstallation of PC HelpSoft PC Cleaner

Verification of the risk of using PC Cleaner/Driver Updater that is advertised PC Cleaner/Driver Updater developed by Canadian software vendor PC HelpSoft […]


Password security and digital stress

Authentication methods and digital stress are becoming more complicated in proportion to safety The spread of smartphones has led to the digitization of lifestyles, and the coronavirus pandemic has greatly changed the way we work. […]


Password management

Password management method and leakage risk With the authentication method using login ID and password, if account information is leaked, there is a high possibility that it will be accessed by a third party, and if it is misused, account hijacking or illegal deposit of docomo account […]


DVDFab Deactivation and Reactivation Procedures

DVDFab / StreamFab license deactivation and re-authentication procedures required when moving a personal computer When DVDFab activates the product, it is linked to the hardware information of the personal computer and saved as user information […]


2Checkout Payment payment method and suspension of subscription

Global payment service 2 How to stop payment and subscription (subscription) with Checkout 2Checkout is a group that provides a general e-commerce system that is often used in payment services for overseas applications […]


Business Email Basics and Manners

The basics you need to know when using email at work and business etiquette etiquette means social etiquette, and etiquette means customs that facilitate relationships, so Japanese business etiquette is called business etiquette in English. difference […]


Cheap download MP3s from Russian site

Russian MP3 Cheap Site Golden MP3 MP3s sold domestically are almost the same price as CDs, but domestic songs are unusually expensive compared to overseas, and purchased songs are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) [… ]


Comparison and configuration of Fire TV Stick and Chromecast

Compare similar but different Amazon FireTV Sticks with Google's Chromecast Amazon's FireTV Sticks are entertainment-focused, easy-to-use, and Chrom […]


Logitech FLOW vs Stardock Multiplicity

Logitech FLOW restrictions lifted with Stardock Multiplicity In June 2017, Logitech announced FLOW, which allows you to move between up to three PCs with a single mouse and copy and paste. […]


Restore internet connection with IIJmio and PIXELA PIX-MT100

IIJmio data communication setup procedure Due to the impact of Typhoon Jebi, which hit directly on September 2018, 9, the contracted "eo Hikari Service" failed and became unusable.On the day of the typhoon hit, I witnessed a vivid disaster […]