How to use Enpass password manager for Android


An easy-to-use password management app that can be synchronized with a computer

Enpass password manager  Is an Indian software vendor Sinew Software Systems Password management software developed by the company, a strong encryption algorithm 256-bit AES You can also use to protect your data and use the online store service to synchronize between devices.

The free version is limited to a maximum of 25 registered items.
See below for the Windows version of Enpass password manager

Installing and using Enpass Password Manager

Enpass Password Manager, a highly secure password management software that is essential for securely managing huge passwords, was developed by Indian software vendor Sinew Software Systems […].

See below for passwords

Password management

Password management method and leakage risk With the authentication method using login ID and password, if account information is leaked, there is a high possibility that it will be accessed by a third party, and if it is misused, account hijacking or illegal deposit of docomo account […]

System requirements

Version 6 Currently

It depends on the device.

Access rights

  • Taking photos and videos
  • Account search on the terminal
  • Call a phone number
  • Reading shared storage content
  • Modify or delete content in shared storage
  • Running foreground service
  • Allow Wi-Fi multicast reception
  • Vibration control
  • Overlaid on top of other apps
  • Google Play billing service
  • Run at startup
  • Full access to the network
  • Use of biometric hardware
  • View network connections
  • Get running apps
  • Play install referrer API
  • View Wi-Fi connection
  • Close other apps
  • Shortcut installation

Where to get the app

Google Play Store Enpass password manager

Install Enpass password manager

Set up after installing the app from the Google Play store.


Install the app from the Play Store.


The welcome screen will be displayed, so tap "Continue".


Specifies where to save the Enpass database.

Select the save destination when synchronizing with the Enpass data set up on another device.


When using the online storage service, log in and allow access.


Master passwordSet to "Continue".

The master password depends on the alphanumericals, symbols, and number of characters used. Very terrible ~ very goodBecause it is evaluated up tovery good or All rightSet to be.
The master password is used to decrypt the encrypted database, so if you lose it, you will not be able to access Enpass.
If you connect to a destination that already has an Enpass database,Used on other devices Master password Enter "Restore".
After setting the master password as a new user, if you specify an existing online storage in the synchronization settings, the master password will be overwritten and a synchronization error will occur on other devices.


Re-enter the master password and click Continue.


Devices with biometrics Biometrics Enable and register biometrics for your device.

Biometrics Is a function to unlock using fingerprint authentication or face authentication instead of the master password.


Enable autofill.

Autofill Is the main feature of Enpass that allows you to enter your login information by displaying an icon when Enpass recognizes the app's login screen.


Autofill service Since the setting screen of Enpass Tap.


When the dialog is displayed, click "OK".


After completing the settings, tap "Done" to complete the setup.

Expansion of the number of registrations

The free version is limited to 10 items by default, and you can increase the number of registrations to 25 items by registering as a user.


Tap "Upgrade" displayed on the home screen.


Expanded trial to 25 items Tap.


Enter your email address or log in with the Google account you're using on your device.


When user registration is completed, the number of registrations will increase to 25 items.

security settings

You can change the lock time and the time to hold data in the clipboard according to the usage environment, but if convenience is prioritized, the security risk increases.


To change the settings, go to the home screen Configuration から Security choose.


Change the settings according to the usage environment.

Time to lock
The time between activating Enpass with biometrics, master password, and PIN until it becomes inactive.
You can unlock the Enpass by setting a PIN, just like biometrics and master passwords.
Clipboard save time
The time it takes for the clipboard to clear when copying data from Enpass.


bold (Safe) is a database that stores passwords and has a primary vault created by default. If you upgrade to the paid version, you can add a bold (secondary bold) to share only some login information.

How to use Enpass password manager

The Enpass password manager automatically recognizes the login information input form andAutofill If you enable, you can enter login information seamlessly.


When you activate the input form Autofill with Enpass Is displayed, and if you tap it, it will be automatically entered if login information is registered.

Add item

Enpass automatically recognizes the login information input form, and when the login information is entered in the unregistered login form, a dialog confirming the saving of the registered contents is displayed.

The current version is New registration in the web browser is not automatically recognizedTherefore, manual registration is required.


Enter your login information in the app to log in.

If autofill is enabled, the form will be recognized and the autofill button will be displayed, but when logging in newly, no operation other than generating a password will be performed.


If you log in successfully, a dialog will be displayed, so click "Yes" to register.


AutofillButton User name Not displayed inPasswordIf it is displayed when you enter, the form is not recognized correctly and only the password is automatically entered even if you enter the missing information.

In the Windows version Form registration Can be auto-filled with, but not available in Android apps.
Manual registration

In addition to login information, information such as credit card information and bank accounts can be registered in Enpass.


To register an item, tap "+" on the home screen.


The category is Login, credit card, name, memo, password, finance Select the category of the item to be registered.

All the categories of common services that you usually use, such as web services such as Google and Microsoft, and online shops such as Amazon and Rakuten. Login  become.


A template is prepared for login, so select the corresponding service from the list if it is not in the list, if it is not in the list default Select.


The basic items of login information are Username, email address, password, website So, even if you do not enter the URL of the website, it will be automatically entered when you log in for the first time.

User name  と Email Address If is entered, Enpass will use the item above as the login ID when logging in, so Items not required for login are blankTo.


The Android version does not have an automatic backup function, soRegular backup is recommended if you have not set up synchronization using cloud services.


Configuration から bold Select from the 3-point reader in the upper right backup Tap.


The backup method is  Via Wi-Fi と  device XNUMX types.

On the device
The internal storage, SD card, and installed cloud storage will be displayed, so save it to any location.
Via Wi-Fi
If the device is connected to Wi-Fi, the IP address will be displayed. Access the IP address from your computer's web browser and download the backup file.

Password audit

With Enpass password manager, you can check if the login information you are actually using is leaked.


Tap "Audit" on the home screen.


At risk
Some sites have been compromised using the same password in the past
Items for which passwords are reused
Those that are in a situation where the password is easily compromised, such as when the number of characters is small

Expired credit card etc.


Website Is available in the paid version.

Being infringed
Notify when infringement of registered site is detected
Supported by 2FA 
The number of apps that can set 2-step verification that can make Enpass an authentication system app

Password generation

Enpass implements a unique password generation function.


To issue a password, activate the password item when registering new login information. Autofill with EnpassTap from the 3-point reader Generate password choose.


After setting the character string to be included in the password such as uppercase letters and symbols and generating the password, it is entered in the password input form by "Enter", and the generated password and login information are registered in Enpass.

By default Can be pronounced Strong passwords have an unusually long number of characters because is enabled. Can be pronounced If you turn off and include uppercase letters / digits (numbers) / symbols (symbols), you can generate the recommended password with 10 or more characters.


The password generated and used in the past is a 3-point reader HistoryYou can check with.

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