Installing and using GlassWire for Android

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A network security app that can block traffic monitoring and communication

GlassWire for Android Is a US software vendor  Secure Mix LLC It is a network security app developed by the company, and even if it is used for free, there is no advertisement display or data collection, and it is possible to monitor traffic and block communication.

The firewall function that blocks communication is available in the paid version, Not available in environments using VPN apps

System requirements

Version 3 as of

OS: Android 6 or above

Where to get the app

Google Play Store GlassWire

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Installing and using GlassWire for Windows

Graphical network security app for monitoring communication data GlassWire is a network security app developed by US software vendor SecureMix LLC that communicates […].

Data collected

No data collected by the developer.

Install GlassWire for Android

GlassWire for Android monitors traffic, so you need to grant permissions after installation.


Install the app from the Play Store.


Launch the app and click "GET STARTED".




Access to usage The setting screen opens, soGlasswire Tap Allow access to usage After enabling, return to the setup screen.


"NEXT" because you need permission to make and manage phone calls to visualize mobile data communications.


When the dialog is displayed, "Allow".


Glasswire Becomes available.


Can be used with default settings,Change theme , Alert notification ,Change of monitoring period Etc. of the hamburger button Settings Set with.

How to use GlassWire for Android

GlassWire can also visualize the communication status of the app in real time, set a data plan and receive alerts.


The graph display period is Day / Week / Month / Custom Data Plan There is, and you can switch in the list on the upper left.


The amount of communication is Wi-FI and mobile networks-Wi-Fi only-Mobile network only The display can be switched with.

When you tap the graph, the traffic volume at the time of tapping is displayed.


The traffic for the selected period is Download-Upload-Total traffic-Mobile network-Wi-Fi Is displayed.


The apps are displayed in a list in descending order of traffic volume, and you can check the traffic volume of each app by tapping the app.

The app communicates in the background even when not in use, but it is usedThose with high traffic for the situation may be spyware or adware.


notification If is enabled, it resides in the notification bar, so you can check the traffic from the notification bar.

The monitoring period to be displayed is Settigs Of Show Data Period or Data Plan Set in.
If you purchase a subscription and upgrade, you can also view the communication speed.

Data plan

Data planIs a function to set the traffic volume and notify an alert. By default, 90% of the set value is notified when the set value is reached.


When setting up a data plan Stopwatch Select the icon and tap "+".


Name Feel free to enter the name of the plan you want to create inData Limit Set the amount of communication to be notified to.


Traffic type Select the communication type to monitor withDuration Specify the period to monitor with,Start Date Set the start date of the monitoring period with.

The created data plan is executed repeatedly, so if you want to monitor it only once recurring Turn off.


Since the amount of communication already used in the set monitoring period is displayed,You've already used ○○ MB Usage Data Usage Enter in.

If you have a plan that allows unlimited communication of a specific app,Zero-rated apps If you add the corresponding application in, it will be excluded from the monitoring target.


Alert Then of the app Initial network activityData planYou can check the event of.


bell Select the icon to display a list of events, and tap the event to check the details of the app.


Firewall If you want to use, you need to upgrade (¥ 560 / year), and if you enable it, you can block the communication of the app.

GlassWire for Android firewall Local VPN (Android does not provide a firewall creation method other than a local VPN)Android is limited to one VPN that can be executedBecause it has been The firewall function cannot be used in an environment using the VPN app.


After upgrading GlassWire for Android Firewall To enable.

To upgrade, tap Upgrade GlassWire Mobile from the hamburger button and purchase a subscription from the Play Store.
There is a trial period of 30 days after purchasing the subscription, so if you cancel the subscription within that period, you will not be charged.


A dialog will be displayed. Proceed with "NEXT", and if there is no problem with the privacy policy, click "ACCEPT".


When the connection request dialog is displayed, click "OK" to allow it.

The dialog does not appear in an environment where the VPN app is already installed.


The firewall is enabled.

If you want to block communication for new apps Allow or deny new app connections To enable.


Tap the app that blocks communication and click "Apply".

Depending on the application, blocking communication may interfere with operation.


If you want to change the apps to block depending on the environment such as mobile network and Wi-Fi connection, after selecting the apps to block Firewall Profiles Tap CREATE PROFILE to name the current settings and save the profile.


The settings are reflected when you switch profiles.


Local VPN When enabled Live Graph Will also be available.

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