Installing and using GlassWire for Windows


Graphical network security app to monitor communication data

Glasswire Is a US software vendor  SecureMix LLC A network security app developed by the company that can monitor communicating programs and traffic to detect abnormal communication and block specified communication.

All features are available during the trial period (7 days), and after the trial period, you can continue to use it as a free version with limited functions such as firewall and detection of suspicious behavior.
See below for Android version

Installing and using GlassWire for Android

GlassWire for Android, a network security app that can block traffic monitoring and communication, is a network developed by US software vendor SecureMix LLC […]

System requirements

Version 2 as of

OS: Windows 7/8 / 10 / 11

Where to get the software

GlassWire official download page

GlassWire installation

The GlassWire installer does not include adware or spyware.


Click "DOWNLOAD GLASSWIRE" on the download page to download the installer.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor -001

Launch the downloaded installer, and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor -002

The setup wizard will start, so click "Next".

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor -003

Check the license agreement and if there is no problem I accept the terms of the License Agreement Check the box and click "Next".

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor -004

The default setting for the first installation is "Next".

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor -005

If you are not particular about the installation destination, the default setting is "Next".

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor -006

Add to the start menu with the default "Install".

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor -007

Installation is completed with "Finish".

Localizing into Japanese

Since GlassWire supports multi-language, it can be translated into Japanese simply by changing the language setting.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor -008

In the upper left Glasswire From the menu list of Language Of Japanese choose.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor -010

If you change the language, GlassWire will restart and display in Japanese.

Cooperation with VirusTotal

From GlassWire VirusTotal Enable linkage to use scanning of.

The function of linking with Viru Total is also available in the free version.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor-011

From the menu Configuration choose.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor-012

From the left sidebar VirusTotal Select in the right pane unlock Click

unlock Is possible Manager Only with user privileges and cannot be changed.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor-001

When the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor-013

Enable manual file analysis by VirusTotal. If you want to check the box and automatically analyze the app with VirusTotal Use network activity on VirusTotal to automatically analyze all apps. To enable.

See below for more information on VirusTotal

Overview and usage of VirusTotal

VirusTotal, a free tool for online file and website malware inspection, is run by Irish security vendor Chronicle Security Ireland Limited […]

security settings

GlassWire is available in the paid version with default settings Spoofing , Remote desktop Since the detection function such as is disabled, enable the monitor if you upgrade to the paid version.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor-014

Configuration Of the left sidebar of Security After selecting unlock To enable the detection function to be used.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor-015

Specify notification settings and alert levels.

When GlassWire detects an enabled item notification The normal / abnormal communication is judged by the user just by performing.

How to use GlassWire

GlassWire automatically starts when the PC starts and starts monitoring, so no operation is required unless there is an abnormality in the communication.

The free version of GlassWire does not have a security detection feature, so if you want to monitor or block communication, you need to upgrade to the paid version.
If you use GlassWire and File Explorer becomes unstable, use GlassWire.ConfigurationOf the items monitored by Desktop notification Turn off and in the Widnows folder option Hidden folders / filesIf is set to show, change it to hide.

GlassWire --Firewall & Network Monitor-016

The monitor status of GlassWire Graphs, usage, things, firewalls, alerts Check and operate withGraph Status of use The Apps-traffic-Publisher The display can be switched with (Vendor).

Display all communication status.
Display the communication status of the selected application.
Display the communication status of the selected traffic.
Display the traffic communication status by specifying the developer of the program that is communicating.

Graph Can visually check the communication status from the past to the present,


The default is all Communication status is graphed in real time.


Clicking on the traffic in the graph will pause the graph, and you can check the application that was communicating with the clicked location and the host to connect to.

To cancel the pause, click the pause icon or right-click on the graph.
Status of use

Status of use You can check the type of host traffic of the application / connection destination that communicated in the specified period (default is "day").


The period is in the list on the upper right Day / Week / Month / Custom Can be selected from.


Resources (Things) can see which network devices are currently enabled and the IP and MAC addresses of the devices.


scan Then, devices on the network such as modems, NAS, network printers, and smartphones will be detected.


GlassWire works with Windows's built-in firewall to block any communicating app with a single click.

 Not available on firewalls implemented by security software.


If you want to enable the GlassWire firewall, it's in the upper left  Firewall Of OFF Click ON change to.


A dialog is displayed if the Windows firewall is disabled.


To block communication, click the firewall icon at the top of the app.

Blocked apps can be unblocked by clicking the firewall icon again.


In the paid version Click to block From the list of Bulk block of communication , Allow / Deny Connection You can also select.

Analyze with VirusTotal

ConfigurationVirusTotal You can manually analyze your app if you have enabled.


Suspicious apps VirusTotal It is displayed by mouse over in the place of analysis Click


VirusTotal scans seamlessly VirusTotal The scan is displayed in the item of.


Configuration Of Security When an event enabled in is detected Alert Is displayed in.


Shows events with Alert Level set to Important in Security.
Shows events with Security set Alert Level to Log.
Important-Display log events.


was detected Initial network activity Mouse over the icon to see more information, which can be blocked by communication or analyzed by VirusTotal.

How to buy GlassWire and unsubscribe

GlassWire is sold as a one-year subscription with auto-renewal enabled at the time of purchase.

GlassWire purchase page


Select any plan from the GlassWire purchase page.

Each plan differs in the number of PCs that can be used, the retention period of history, and the number of remote servers that can be monitored.


The payment service is a payment agency service founded in Germany, and there is also a Japanese corporation. Clever bridge And the payment method is Credit cardPayPal Is available.


When the payment is completed, the serial number of the purchased plan will be displayed.

The serial number is also included in the email sent to the email address you registered when you purchased GlassWire.


If you scroll down the payment completion page Cancellation of subscription If you want to cancel the automatic subscription renewal, click "Cancel Subscription Subscription".


Click "Cancel Subscription" on the confirmation screen to cancel the automatic subscription renewal.

You can reactivate even if you cancel your subscription.


The serial number is listed for automatic subscription cancellation. GlassWire – Subscription Order Details There is a link in the email, soIf you do not cancel your subscription at the time of purchase, be sure to store it by email.I will do it.


When you cancel the automatic subscription renewal Reactivate The link is included in the email sent at the time of cancellation.

Activate GlassWire

After purchasing GlassWire, register and activate the issued serial number.


From the menu Start GlassWire Click


Enter the serial number and click "Start".


Once activated, click "Restart GlassWire" to restart GlassWire and the paid menu will be available.

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