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Private import of British luxury shoes

Church, Cheney, Tricker's, Barker, etc. Personal import of authentic British luxury shoes British such as Church's, Cheney, Trickers […]

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PLANET EXPRESS – How to use the forwarding / proxy purchase service

PLANET EXPRESS, a forwarding and agency purchasing service in the United States and the United Kingdom, is a forwarding service that delivers packages from the United States and the United Kingdom overseas, and the shipping fee is $ 1 per package, which is cheaper than competitors […].


Basic knowledge of overseas mail order and personal import

Basic knowledge of tariffs and exchange rates required for overseas mail order and personal imports Compared to around 2000, EC sites have become more globalized, and with the existence of Amazon, personal imports have become much easier, but for global companies, geo Block […]


Guide for personal import using US Amazon

Recommended because individual import beginners can purchase with confidence US Amazon is more globalized than domestic Amazon, and it is possible to export not only directly managed by Amazon but also at many stores, but basically there is a local corporation vinegar […]

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Personal import of Mastercase5 HDD cage

Personal import of HDD cage of Cooler Master Mastercase Cooler Master's PC case "Mastercase 5" series is a big feature that can be customized, Cooler Ma […]


Imported Tricker's country boots

Private import of UK-made country boots including Tricker's Country boots such as Trickers, Alfred Sargent, Loake purchased from the British shoe store Herring Shoes […]


Imported Rocky technical boots

Private import of technical boots from the long-established US manufacturer Rocky Brands Danner / Bites / Rocky / Rothco / 5.11Tactical / Original S. […]