How to use Windows 11 with Oracle VirtualBox


Secure Boot-Install Windows 2.0 on VirtualBox that does not support TPM11

Oracle VM VirtualBoxDoes not support Secure Boot and TPM2.0, so you need to edit the registry when installing Windows 11 to bypass Secure Boot and TPM2.0, and the steps are different for a clean install of Windows 11 and an upgrade from Windows 10. ..

See below for how to use VirtualBox

Installing and using Oracle VM VirtualBox

Oracle VM VirtualBox, a virtualization app that allows you to install multiple operating systems on a single computer, is an emulator for PC / AT compatible machines developed by US software vendor Oracle.

Windows 11 minimum system requirements

CPU: 2-bit processor supported at 1 cores 64 GHz and above ( intel / AMD )
RAM: 4 GB or more
Storage: 64 GB or more free space
Graphics card: Supports WDDM 2.0 (Windows Display Driver Model)
System firmware: UEFI
TPM: Supports Trusted Platform Module 2.0

Download Windows 11 ISO file

Windows 11 in VirtualBoxClean installIf you do, download the latest Windows 11 from Microsoft.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-001

Microsoft Windows 11 download page から Download the Windows 11 optical disc image (ISO)Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO) Select "Download".

VirtualBox-Windows 11-002

Product language selectionJapanese Select and click "Confirm" to display the download button. Download the ISO file with "64-bit download".

When upgrading from Windows 10

When upgrading from Windows 10, the preview version that does not implement system check is available because the secure boot / TPM2.0 check cannot be bypassed. UUP dump Download from.

The preview version of Windows 11 did not initially implement system checks and can be installed in environments that do not meet system requirements.Download a preview version of Widnows 11 without system checking from UUP dumpTo do.

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-003

UUP dump To access Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.160 Search for and download the build of the x64 architecture.

See below for how to use UUP dump

Using UUP dump

Download the Windows ISO file using the web tool UUP dump UUP dump is a Windows U […]

Clean install of Windows 11

Virtulbox is version 6.1.30 with the addition of Windows 11 to the OSversionWindows 11 When you select CPU-memory-EFI Etc. are set to meet the minimum system requirements of Windows 11.

A Windows 11 license key or a Microsoft account used with activated Windows 11 is required for a clean installation.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-003

Create a new Windows 11 virtual machine.

Increase the memory size and storage capacity according to the usage environment.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-004

displayEnable 3D acceleration Check the boxVideo memory Size 256 MB Set to.

Graphic controllerIs the default VBoxSVGA use.


On the left sidebar storage Open Storage device から Our Sky Select the optical drive icon ofattribute From the disk icon Select a disk file Specify the Windows 11 ISO file downloaded in.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-007


Once the Windows 11 ISO file is added to the storage, close the settings screen and boot the OS.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-008

Press any key to boot from CD or DVD..Press any key to start Windows 11 while the message is displayed, and when the setup screen is displayed Shift + F10 Call the command prompt with the key.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-009

At the command prompt regedit Enter Enter Start Registry Editor with the key.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-010

When the registry editor opens HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ Setup Select from the context menu (right-click menu) A new Of キ ー choose.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-012

added #New key The LabConfig Renamed to.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-013

LabConfig Select from the context menu A new Of DWORD (32-bit) value Created.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-014

Created New value # 1 The Bypass TPM Check Rename to and double click.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-015

Value data The 1 Change to and click "OK".

VirtualBox-Windows 11-016

In the same way Bypass RAM Check と Bypass Secure Boot Check Create,Value data The 1 Close the Registry Editor after changing to.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-017

Return to command prompt exit Enter Enter Key.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-019

When you return to the setup screen, proceed with "Next" and execute the installation with "Install Now".

VirtualBox-Windows 11-020

After accepting the license agreement, the system check will be skipped and the installation of Windows 11 will start.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-021

Set up Windows 11 after installation.


If your account has a digitally licensed device, you can restore it.

There is a limit to the number of times a digital license can be restoredTherefore, if you update the device frequently, the license will not be activated.


When Windows 11 starts after setup is complete,Guest Additions Is installed and setup is complete.

See below for customization of the Windows 11 taskbar and context menu

Windows 11 customization

Customize the changed Windows 11 UI to the familiar classic style Microsoft made a major change in Windows 8 again to the UI that received a total scan in Windows 11. […]

PDFelement9 free distribution

Upgrade from Windows 10

Windows 10 guest OS if you want to upgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10 UUP dump Set and install Windows 11 preview version downloaded from.

BIOS mode can be upgraded without EFI, Upgrade from Windows 10 32-bit version is not possible.

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-004

Add the Windows 11 preview version of the ISO file downloaded from UUP dump to your storage before booting Windows 10.

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-005

Make sure the CD drive is added.

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-006

Disable network adapter Take it offline.

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-007

Open the drive with the preview version of Windows 11 setup Start.

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-008

If the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-009

The setup wizard will start, so click "Next".

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-011

Check the license agreement and if there is no problem, "Agree".

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-010

Updates will be downloaded, so system checks will be enabled and you will not be able to install unless you are offline.

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-012

Since the system check is skipped and Windows 11 can be installed, set the items to be inherited and click "Install".

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-013

Windows 11 installation started.

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-014

When Windows 11 starts, the network adapter is automatically activated and the license is activated.

Install Windows 11 On VirtualBox-015

Run Windows Update to bring Windows 11 up to date and complete the installation.

PDFelement9 free distribution

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