Installing and using Kinoppy for Android


A cloud-based free ebook app that allows you to use original files

Kinoppy for Android The Kinokuniya Bookstore The e-book reader released by Kinokuniya implements a viewer that can correctly display Japanese-specific books such as vertical writing and right-binding, and content other than e-books sold at Kinokuniya Bookstore can also be stored on a local drive. dropbox  Can be imported from.

System requirements

Version 3.10.6 as of

OS: Android 6.0 or above

Where to get the software

Kinoppy for Android Google Play Store


Installing and using Kinoppy for Windows

Kinoppy for Windows, an e-book app that allows you to synchronize and share libraries between devices, is an e-book reader developed by domestic software vendor INFOCITY and released by Kinokuniya Bookstore.

Data collected

  • Personal information such as user name, email address, user ID, phone number, date of birth
  • History of purchases and transactions made by users
  • Information about the operation of the app and information about user activity
  • crash log

Installation of Kinokuniya Bookstore Kinoppy for Android

Set up after installing the app from the Google Play store.


Install Kinoppy for Android from the Google Play store.


Launch the installed Kinoppy for Android and tap "Settings".


Access files on your device Authorization, When the update information is displayed Close Tap.


When you close the update information, the login screen will appear, so if you have an account with Kinokuniya Bookstore Web Store  Log in and continue, If you want to use Kinoppy without logging in Use for trial Select Agree if you agree with the Terms of Service.

Kinoppy can be used without registering as a member at Kinokuniya Bookstore, but if you register as a member, you can share the library (bookshelf) between devices with your login ID.


Log in and continue If you select, enter the account information of Kinokuniya Bookstore Web Store.


When Kinoppy for Android opens regardless of whether you are logged in or not, the Kinokuniya Bookstore Web Store will be displayed. Bookshelf Tap.


The main bookshelf is displayed.

Where to save the content

By default, ebooks purchased from the Kinokuniya Web Store and content imported from local storage / Dropbox are saved in the device's own storage, and if the device supports an SD card, the save destination can be changed to an SD card.


From the hamburger button on the top left of the bookshelf Configuration Tap the icon.


Bookshelf In the item of Content storage settings choose.


SD card Select to move the content stored in the internal storage to the SD card.

The destination is SD card> Android> data>> files> Contents

SD card Internal storage But External storage But if you're using the Google Play Store on your Amazon Fire tablet to install Kinoppy,SD cardInternal shared storageIf you do not set it to, you cannot select it as the save destination.

How to use Kinokuniya Bookstore Kinoppy for Android

Kinoppy for Android is an ebook Bookshelf It can be managed by the user, and the user can freely set the book category and series.

Google has revised its payment policy to limit in-app sales to Require use of Google Play billing system As a result, you will not be able to purchase books directly from Kinoppy after June 2022, 6.

Supported file formats
kbe, epub, pdf, xmdf, book

.kbe Is a DRM-protected ebook extension purchased from the Kinokuniya Web Store.


Tap a book on the shelf From the continuation Or From the beginning choose.


Tap the opened content to display the menu at the bottom.


To change the font size, display font, etc., use the tool icon Character settings Edit with.


コ ン ト ラ ス ト Can change the background color and contrast of the page.

If you want to set the contrast manually Use system settingsUncheck.


Style settings Then. Binding direction-Page turning-Page magnificationCan be changed.

Caliber The vertical ePUB file converted in is also displayed without any problem.

Caliber – Install and use ebook management

Caliber – ebook management is an open source ebook management app that can also remove DRM from Kindle / Kobo and ACSM format ebooks. Kovid Goy in India […]

Import ebooks

Kinoppy for Android is local Download Folders and dropbox You can add content stored in to your library (bookshelf).

Local content

Only local content can be imported Internal storage Download folder onlyso,External storage Download folder is not recognized.


If you want to bring the contents in the download folder to the bookshelf of Kinoppy for Android, click the hamburger button. import から Local contentchoose.


If there is an importable file in the download folder, the book selection screen opens, check the target content and tap "OK" to import it to the bookshelf.


What can be imported as local content DownloadOnly the files saved directly under the folder, the files in the subfolder are not recognized.

Cooperation with Dropbox

You don't need the Dropbox app to link Kinoppy for Android and Dropbox, just log in to Dropbox from Kinoppy and configure the settings.

Kinoppy for Windows requires a Kinokuniya bookstore web store account to link with Dropbox, but Kinoppy for Android can be linked with Dropbox even if you are not logged in.


To work with Dropbox The hamburger button import から dropbox choose.


Log in with your Dropbox login ID and password.


Tap "Allow" to approve the access request.

kinoppy android-019

The content in the connected Dropbox is displayed.

Dropbox also has access to subfolders, tapping on supported files to download.


From Kinoppy dropbox You can upload the content imported into Kinoppy to Dropbox by tapping the "+" that appears when you open.


When you tap "+", the contents that can be uploaded are displayed, so select and execute the upload.

Problems when re-downloading deleted content

There is a problem that the content downloaded from Dropbox is not displayed in Kinoppy even if the deleted content is re-downloaded after deleting it from Kinoppy without leaving the cover.


When I try to download, the dialog "Matches registered books. Do you want to download?" Is displayed, but even if I download it, it is not displayed on the bookshelf.

The file is Contents Although downloaded to a folder, the deleted content is hidden on the bookshelf because Kinoppy's system holds information about the deleted content. Configuration Of Rebuild file path Is not repaired by executing.

The workaround is to rename the file and download it as a new file, or uninstall Kinoppy for Android and then reinstall it.

Bookshelves and shelves

Kinoppy has an ebook Bookshelfshelf Manage with.


Bookshelf To add from the hamburger button Bookshelf Tap "+".


Name the bookshelf you want to add and click OK.


The added bookshelf can be renamed or deleted from "...".

The bookshelf name of the main bookshelf cannot be changed or deleted.


To move or rename a shelf, long-tap a blank area on the shelf to make it editable.


After selecting the shelf, select the edit menu from the 3-point reader at the bottom right.


The stability of Kinoppy for Android has improved with the version upgrade, but in rare cases, the contents of the bookshelf may not be accessible.Problems such as the disappearance of some books on the bookshelf may occur.For Content backup required.

When sharing a bookshelf causes a device to malfunction and the contents of the bookshelf are changed, the changes are reflected in other devices as well, so the risk of malfunction increases in proportion to the number of shared devices. ..

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Installing and using Kinoppy for Android

Kinoppy for Android, a cloud-based free e-book app that allows you to use original files, is an e-book reader released by Kinokuniya Bookstore, and can correctly display Japanese-style books such as vertical writing and right-binding […]


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