Installing and using NordVPN for Windows


VPN service with a reputation for performance with no logs policy

NordVPN Is a Lithuanian security provider Nord Security A VPN service developed by VPN, which is required for VPN Secure connection-Privacy protection-Anonymization In addition, it provides a wealth of functions such as connecting to video streaming sites such as Netflix, P2P connection, and access to the onion domain.AV TEST dataThen, it boasts the fastest speed in Asia.

NordVPN trademark is registered in Panama Tefincom SA Owned by (Cyprus lawyer registered with the company), Tefincom SA will be in November 2020 NordVPN SA Established in Panama to provide NordVPN contracts and services.
NordVPN does not have a free version or trial period, and you need to purchase a subscription to use it, but a refund is guaranteed for 30 days after purchase.
Privacy Haven

Panama where NordVPN is registered Privacy Haven In a country where user privacy is protected, as in 5 Eyes and 9 Eyes, public authorities do not force you to monitor specific IP addresses or log accounts.


Swiss audit corporation to become an independent third body in 2018 and 2020 PwC , 2021 and later American cybersecurity companies VerSprite You can check the audit results on the NordVPN account management page.

See below for VPN

Security and benefits of using VPN services

Precautions when using VPN services on PCs and mobile devices Communication security is about 2014% in 50 due to Google's promotion of HTTPS that encrypts communication between web browsers and servers […]

System requirements

Version 6 Currently

OS: Windows 7 (sp1) /8.1/10

Where to get the software

NordVPN for Windows official website

How to purchase NordVPN (account acquisition)

If you use NordVPN, purchase a subscription and get an account before installing the app.


NordVPN purchase page Select any plan from.

NordVPN for Windows-001

Enter your email address to create an account.

NordVPN for Windows-002

Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc., and payment is made by Paddle, a payment agency service in the United Kingdom.


After completing the payment, you will receive XNUMX emails from NordVPN to the registered email address. Activate your account In the body of the email Activate Your Account Click


Set any password Create Password Click


Since you will be taken to the login page to the management screen Log in With Nord Account Click


Click the registered account (email address) to log in.


You can change the next billing date and plan on the management screen.

Suspension of subscription (suspension of automatic payment)

NordVPN has subscription renewals enabled by default.You need to contact the support center to stop renewing your subscription.

NordVPN Help-Unsubscribe


There is a subscription suspension request form in the NordVPN help.

Refund within the trial period (30 days)

If you request a refund using the 30-day money-back guarantee policy provided by NordVPN, contact customer service directly by email.

NordVPN Customer Service


On the customer service contact page Please send an email Click or apply for a refund directly to

NordVPN installation

NordVPN The installer does not include adware or spyware.

NordVPN for Windows-003

download pageClick "Download App" in.

NordVPN for Windows-004

Launch the downloaded installer and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.

NordVPN for Windows-005

If you are not particular about the installation destination, the default setting is "Next".

NordVPN for Windows-006

If you do not need to create a desktop shortcut and register the Start menu, uncheck it.

NordVPN for Windows-007

Click Install when you are ready to install.

When you install NordVPN NordVPN / NordVPN network TAP / NordUpdater Besides Visual C ++ 2015-2019 Redistributable Package (If not installed) Registered as a program NordVPN Uninstalling will remove everything except Visual C ++.

NordVPN for Windows-008

"Finish" completes the setup.

NordVPN for Windows-009

If the Time to update dialog is displayed after starting NordVPN Update and restart Updated with.

NordVPN for Windows-010

Click "Login" of NordVPN to open the browser, so log in with your NordVPN account.

NordVPN for Windows-011

When you log in with your browser, a dialog will be displayed. Click "Open NordVPN".

NordVPN for Windows-012

NordVPN will be available.


Set the automatic startup when Windows starts and the protocol to be used.

NordVPN for Windows-013

The top right Configuration Click the icon.

General – General

The default setting for NordVPN is to enable automatic startup when Windows starts.


If you want to store in the task tray without opening the NordVPN home screen when Windows starts Launch the minimized app To enable.


Additional features of NordVPN CyberSec Turn on if you want to use.

CyberSec Is a DNS blocking feature that blocks network threats and ads, such as malware, phishing sites, and botnets, and blacklists user-requested access with NordVPN's DNS server to warn you of potential threats. The page is displayed.
Auto-Connect – Auto-Connect

NordVPN connects to the server recommended by the smart algorithm Automatic connection Is the default setting, and the protocol (communication protocol) for connecting is also set automatically.


When connecting to the server using any protocol Automatically select VPN protocol and server Turn off VPN protocol Select from.

NordVPN protocol is OpenVPNNordLynx (WireGuard) can be selected,OpenVPN So the protocol is very stable TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), high communication speed UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is availablewire guard Is a communication protocol that uses the latest encryption technology with less source code than OpenVPN and IPSec, and NordVPN uses WireGuard by default to ensure user anonymity. NordLynx Is communicating with.


When connecting any server with automatic connection Automatic connection Specify the country and server to connect to with.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is a feature that blocks the system from connecting to an unencrypted DNS server to keep it online if the VPN connection is lost for some reason.


Kill switch is disabled by default, so if you want to enable it Internet Kill Switch Turn on.

App Kill Switch Blocks Internet access for the specified app when the VPN is disconnected.
Split tunneling

Split tunneling Is a function to register applications that cannot be used when the VPN connection is enabled and exclude them from the VPN connection.


Exclude from VPN connection for split tunneling Disable VPN for certain apps And enable VPN connection only for the specified app Enable VPN only for selected apps After selecting according to the usage environment, specify any application with "Add application".


When split tunneling is enabled, a dialog about restarting the PC will be displayed. Restart after setting.

Advanced Setting

NordVPN is the default setting Collection of anonymous data Is enabled, so opt out if you don't need it.


Please cooperate in improving the service Turn off.

How to use NordVPN

If automatic connection is enabled, VPN connection is automatically established when Windows starts.


To disconnect the VPN connection, click the NordVPN icon in the system tray to open the home screen and click "Disconnect", or right-click the NordVPN icon in the system tray and turn off the power button.


Quick connection Use to connect to the recommended server.


To change the server to connect to, specify any country from the country list on the left sidebar.

Click on the country name Fastest It is also possible to connect to the server of and specify the city or server from the 3-point reader.


Even if you click the pin directly on the map Fastest You can connect to the server in the settings, the pin will turn green for the connected location, and the information of the connected server will be displayed at the bottom.

P2P / Onions

When accessing an Onion domain using a server or Tor that supports apps that communicate via P2P Dedicated server To use.


Click P2P / Onion Over VPN to automatically connect to the fastest server and select any server from the 3-point reader.

Check for DNS leaks

Use a dedicated site to check if the IP address is properly protected when connecting to the VPN.

Split tunnelingIf is enabled, disable it before testing.


With a VPN connection established Access toYour IP addressDNS Address If is the same IP address and the country of the connected VPN server is displayed, the IP address is anonymized.

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