Setting up and using Proton Mail


Open source anonymous email with end-to-end encryption

ProtonMail Is a Swiss email / VPN provider Proton AG A free, anonymous email service provided by Proton AG that allows Proton AG employees to recover messages by encrypting communications and messages. Zero access architecture Is adopted, and security and privacy protection are strengthened, such as not storing logs or tracking.

ProtonMail has a server in Switzerland where personal information is protected at the world's top level by the Swiss Federation's own FADP (Federal Data Protection Regulation) revised in accordance with GDPR, and 5 Eyes Alliance (USA, UK, Canada, Australia)・ New Zealand) and 9 Eyes Alliance (5 Alliance + France, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands) can send and receive emails in a privacy-protected environment without being affected by government sigint.
Proton Free – Free Plan
· Available storage capacity: 500 MB (up to 1 GB with unlocked features)
・ Available email addresses: 1 address
-Send limit: up to 1 messages per hour, up to 50 messages per day
-Maximum size that can be sent: 25 MB
・ Number of recipients that can be sent in one email: Up to 1
・ Number of attachments that can be sent in one email: Up to 1
-Number of folders created: Up to 3
-Filter: Only one item can be activated
・ Short domain: Only receive is possible
・ Automatic reply: Not available
· Custom domain: Not available
-Proton Calendar: Addition / sharing of calendar is not available
・ ProtonDrive: Not available
-Available storage capacity: 15 GB (shared calendar drive)
・ Available email addresses: 10 address
・ Number of transmissions: Unlimited

-Maximum size that can be sent: 25 MB
・ Number of recipients that can be sent in one email: Up to 1
・ Number of attachments that can be sent in one email: Up to 1
-Filter: No limit
-Number of folders created: No limit
・ Short domain: Send and receive
・ Automatic reply: Available
-Custom domain: Available (1 domain)
Proton Calendar: Available
・ ProtonDrive: Available
Proton Unlimited
-Available storage capacity: 500 GB (shared calendar drive)
・ Available email addresses: 15 address
・ Number of transmissions: Unlimited

-Maximum size that can be sent: 25 MB
・ Number of recipients that can be sent in one email: Up to 1
・ Number of attachments that can be sent in one email: Up to 1
-Filter: No limit
-Number of folders created: No limit
・ Short domain: Send and receive
・ Automatic reply: Available
-Custom domain: Available (3 domain)
Proton Calendar: Available
・ ProtonDrive: Available
・ ProtonVPN: Full-featured (paid plan) available
MailPlus Is a full-featured plan for Proton Mail.Proton Unlimited Has a large storage capacity Proton VPN Is also fully functional, and you can send and receive custom domains (original domains) to and from Proton Mail servers with up to 3 encrypted domains.

System requirements

Version 5. 0 β Currently

OS: Version supported by supported browsers

Privacy-focused browser recommended by ProtonMail

Mozilla Firefox / Brave / Tor browser

Browsers that have been tested for ProtonMail

Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge / Safari / Opera

It is recommended to use the latest stable version of the browser.

Register an account

Proton Mail official website 

ProtonVPN Users who are usingProtonMail official website From your ProtonVPN username and password  ProtonMail You can use it by logging in to.

New registration for ProtonMail

ProtonVPNIf you are not using or do not want to use the user name used by ProtonVPN for your email account, create a new Proton Mail account.


When the top page is displayed Mail choose.


Click "Create a free account".


The plan selection screen will be displayed, so if you want to use it for free Proton Free, Paid plan MailPlus Or Proton Unlimited choose.

The selected plan cannot be changed at the time of payment.


If the account creation screen is not displayed in Japanese, select Japanese from the language list at the bottom of the page.


Enter your account name or Create a domain email address and set a password.

You can use underscores (_), hyphens (–), and dots (.) In your account, and if you prioritize anonymity, avoid using personally identifiable information such as your name.


If you select a paid plan, select the subscription to use and the currency to settle, enter the payment information, and settle.

PayPal is also available if you choose 12 or 24 months for your subscription.  


Confirm that the free plan is not a robot CAPTCHA Is displayed, check it and select the specified image.

hCaptcha Is a service provided by Intuition Machines that collects data such as IP addresses, so if you do not want to use it, issue an authorization code by email address or SMS.


Set the display name to be displayed at the destination.

The default is the account name.


Select and enter the recovery email address or mobile number to use if you forget your password and click Save Selected.

Data recovery is separate in advance Configuration Is necessary.


When the welcome screen is displayed, select the theme to be used in "Next".

The theme is Configuration Can be changed with.


Proton Mail will be available with "Get Started", so is it the displayed page? To bookmark the browser.

App selectors added from version 4.0Proton VPN-Proton calendar-Proton Drive Can be accessed.

Proton Mail settings

Configuration Then. Display name-signature-Format-label Edit and set the transmission delay added from version 4.0.


In the tools menu in the upper right Configuration から Open settings choose.


For password reset and data recovery in case you forget your Proton account password Recovery phrase To register.


Proton account password reset and data recovery

Password reset and data recovery procedures used with ProtonMail and ProtonVPN The password set in your Proton account decrypts data such as messages and contacts stored encrypted […].


gmail Or if you want to import messages into ProtonMail Proton Easy Switch To use.


How to use Proton Easy Switch

Import mail from providers that can use the IMAP protocol such as Gmail and Outlook to ProtonMail Proton Easy Switch is an IMAP program such as Gmail and Outlook […]

Message and composition

Message and composition Then. Short domain Activation and Message format And so on.

Short domain

Short domain The @  It is a function that enables you to use, and if you enable it, you can use your ProtonMail account name.  Account Email address can be used.

With the free plan, you can only receive shortened domainsSo, sending in the shortened domain requires an upgrade to a paid plan.


From the left sidebar Message and composition Select andShort domain (@ Click "Activate" and enter your login password.


Recovery email addressIs set by default Daily email notifications Is enabled, so disable it if you don't need it.


Daily email notifications If is enabled, a notification of email reception will be sent to the recovery email address each time a new email is received.


Message You can set image loading, link scanning, transmission delay, etc.


Automatically load embedded images
Display settings for images embedded in emails.
Keep Sent / Draft
When enabled, even if you move the "Sent" or "Draft" message to another folder, it will be displayed in "Sent" or "Draft".
Confirm link URLs
An anti-phishing function that displays an access confirmation dialog when you click a link in an email.
Cancel transmission
You can cancel the transmission within the specified time after sending the email.
Conversation grouping
A function to thread messages using mail header, subject, and sender / receiver data.
Sticky label
When you label a message, the label is automatically applied to subsequent messages in the same conversation.

Create  The New message Set the appearance of.

Format when creating a new one
Select HTML format / Plain text format. (Standard is HTML format)
Text direction when creating a new one
Specify the direction of character input.
Standard font / size of creation screen
Japanese font cannot be selected, but the font size is reflected.
Cancel transmission
You can cancel the transmission within the specified time after sending the email.

Email privacy

Email privacyThen. Confirmation of reading remote content , Tracking block Can be set and is enabled by default.

Remote content is an image or video that is downloaded from the sender's server when displaying a message, and when the download is executed, the sender of the message gives information such as the IP address, the time when the message was displayed, and the environment in which it is used. You can get it.

User information and address

User information and address Now you can edit the email address, display name, and signature used when composing a new message, and add an email address if you are using a paid plan.


ProtonMail footer Of Sent from ProtonMail.You need to upgrade to a paid plan to disable.


You can add emails from the / domain or email addresses with custom domains.


appearance Allows you to change the theme and layout of your inbox.

Folders and labels

ProtonMail allows you to manage your email by folders and labels, and since version 4.0 you can color folders.

The free plan limits the number of folders you can create to three.


Folder color and folder name Edit You can modify it with, and you can change the order by dragging the folders up and down.

Folders can also be created as subfolders.
If you want to be notified on your desktop or mobile device when you use a filter to sort folders when you receive a message notification To enable. 

Labels are message management tags that can be created by the user, and unlike folders, multiple labels can be added to a single message.

ProtonMail --encrypted secure email -027

Add label Created from.


Filter Allows you to set conditions to automate moving to folders and adding labels, as well as correcting addresses marked as junk e-mail.

Only one filter can be activated in the free plan.


When creating a filter Sorting filter Select "Add Filter".

Sieve filter Is a filter that edits Sieve scripts on the command line.


The creation wizard will open, so create it. Filter name Enter.


Filter conditions Subject-destination-From-Attachment Select from, enter the text to be extracted, and click "Insert".


Specify the label to add to the message and the folder to which the message is moved.

Automatic reply is available only for paid plans.

Encryption and key

ProtonMail supports PGP mail, so you can easily send it with your public key attached.

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Email is a mechanism for exchanging public keys between the parties in advance and exchanging encrypted emails end-to-end.


External PGP Is disabled by default, so if you want to use it External PGP settings Enable the required items in.

Signing an external message If enabled, a digital signature will be added to increase the reliability of the email.

Automatic reply, domain name, IMAP / SMTP

Automatic reply, domain name, and IMAP / SMTP are options available in paid plans.

Domain name

You can send and receive your own domain using ProtonMail's secure server.


Add your own ProtonMail domain

Send and receive email with your own domain with Proton Mail Proton Mail allows you to add your own domain with a paid plan and send and receive email with your own domain with the encrypted ProtonMail mail server […]


An option to make ProtonMail available to desktop mail clients that support IMAP / SMTP, such as Thunderbird.


Install and configure ProtonMail Bridge for Windows

ProtonMail Bridge for Windows, an extension tool that allows you to send and receive ProtonMail with your email client app, is offered to users who have a paid ProtonMail plan […]

How to use Proton Mail

Since Proton Mail is a web mail, you can operate by accessing the Proton Mail server directly from your browser.

Up to 1 recipients can be added to a messageSmart spam detection systemBecause it implements Bulk transmission using BCC , Recipient's junk mail judgmentImmediately when there are manyAccount suspendedIf it is found to be spamming, it will violate the terms and the account will be deleted.

Access and receive ProtonMail

If you open your browser and log in to ProtonMail, you will automatically receive new messages.

Update your browser if reception is delayed.
ProtonMail failure status

If you have problems sending or receiving ProtonMail, you can check it on the failure status page.

ProtonMail Status

Organize and manage your email

ProtonMail messages Inbox-folder-Archive Save tolabel It can be managed with.


Inbox When you archive your message Storehouse The image looks like moving to a folder.


Message Archive If you want to go to the tool icon after selecting a message Archive choose.


To move to a folder, select a message and then use the tool icon. folder Click to select a destination from the list.


To add a label, select the message and then select the tool icon. label Select the label to add from.

Send email

Sending and receiving email between ProtonMail users is always end-to-end encrypted, and you can choose to enable / disable encryption when sending to non-ProtonMail users such as Gmail and Outlook.


To compose a message, click New Message at the top of the sidebar.


destination Enter the email address of the person to whom you want to send the email.

When sending to multiple addresses at the same time destination You can enter after.
When you send an email, the destination address is automatically registered in the contact, and the autocomplete function will be enabled from the next time onwards, so if you enter the first letter of the address, candidates will be displayed and the address that is not registered in the contact The suggestion feature displays the addresses of the major domains.


CC and BCC Destination To the right of CC, BCC Click to expand the input box.


Reply / Reply / Forward to everyone Select from the icons displayed in the upper right corner of the message.


Email formatting is to the right of the tool icon More informations Select from the menu of.


If you want to discard the newly created message, Garbage can Click the icon.

The content of the message is automatically saved.

If you send a message to someone other than a ProtonMail user, you can send it as unencrypted mail (communication is encrypted) because encryption is disabled by default.

Message body and attachments are encrypted And the message headers and metadata are not encrypted.


When you enter your email address Padlock icon If is displayed, it will be encrypted end-to-end.

Blue padlock
Emails sent between ProtonMail email addresses.
Green padlock
Emails sent between email addresses that have PGP set up other than ProtonMail email addresses.


To encrypt email sent to anyone other than ProtonMail users, click the padlock icon at the bottom left.


Set the password required to access the email.

When you send an encrypted email to a non-ProtonMail user, the email is stored on the encrypted ProtonMail server and the destination is only sent a link to access the encrypted email.
expiration date If you do not set, encrypted mail sent to non-ProtonMail users has a 28-day retention period and is automatically deleted after the expiration date.
expiration date

The expiration date is a function that automatically deletes messages from the recipient's inbox when the set expiration date expires, and can be used by both ProtonMail users and non-ProtonMail users.


When setting the expiration date, from the 3-point reader Set expiration date choose.


Set the deadline until it disappears and click "Set".

Emails addressed to non-ProtonMail users Requires encryptionSo, even if you do not set an expiration date, it will disappear after 28 days.
PGP email

ConfigurationExternal PGPIf you have enabled, you can send PGP emails with your public key attached.


Public key Is sent from a 3-point reader Attach public key choose.


Signing an external message Is enabled before the destination PGP signature Icon is added.


Adding a PGP digital signature Mozilla Thunderbird Email apps that recognize PGP / MIME will automatically decrypt and authenticate digital signatures, so attachments won't show, but personal Gmail and signature.asc  File is attached.

Account deletion / subscription cancellation

You can also delete your account or cancel your subscription Configuration It can be operated from.


To cancel your subscription, go to the left sidebar Dashboard Select Account downgrade Downgrade to a free plan at.


To delete the created account from the left sidebar Account and password Select Account deletion Execute the deletion with.

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