Installing and using Resilio Sync Home for Windows


A fast and secure P2P type file synchronization tool using BitTorrent

Resilio Sync Is a software vendor based in the United States Resilio Inc. It is a P2P type file synchronization tool developed by the company. It connects using the encrypted BitTorrent protocol without using the cloud (external server), so data can be transferred safely at high speed with no restrictions on the transfer size.

Resilio Inc. In June 2016 BitTorrent Inc Founded as an independent company and developed by BitTorrent Inc BitTorrent Sync The Resilio Sync Inheriting product development as.
Resilio Sync mobile app

Installing and using Resilio Sync for Android

Resilio Sync for Android, a P2P synchronization tool for smartphones and tablets that does not use cloud storage, is a P2P type […] developed by software vendor Resilio Inc based in the United States.

Resilio Sync Synology NAS App

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System requirements

Version 2 Currently

OS: Windows 7/8 / 10 / 11
CPU: 5 cores or more equivalent to Intel Core i4
RAM: 6 GB or more

Where to get the software

Resilio Sync download page

Install Resilio Sync Home for Windows

The Resilio Sync installer does not include adware or spyware.

Installation is required for all devices that sync folders with Resilio Sync.


For 64-bit Windows, click "Free Download" on the Resilio Sync download page.

32bit environment scrolls the page Download For Desktop It is in Windows 7 or later Of 32bit Download from.


Download Sync Home Click to download the installer.


Start the downloaded installer, and when the setting screen is displayed, keep the default and click "Next".


When the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.


Enter the device name to be displayed when setting up folder / file synchronization.

By default, it is the user name of the PC, and double-byte characters can be used, but it cannot be changed after setting.


Privacy policy / Terms of use / LicenseAgreed not to use in business If there is no problem, check it and click "Start".


When the installation is complete, the newsletter application screen will open. If you do not need it, close it with "✕".


Installation is complete.

Wake On Lan

Folder synchronization with Resilio Sync can only be performed if the device is booted, so to sync with a remote computer, keep the computer always running orWake On Lan Start remotely with.


Wake On Lan (WOL) settings for Windows10 / Windows11

Wake On LAN setting for remotely starting Windows Wake On LAN (WOL) is a function implemented by the network adapter (NIC), and a signal called a magic packet is sent to the NIC […].

How to use Resilio Sync Home for Windows

Between devices that have Resilio Sync set upAuthentication key-Links-QR code Set up synchronization and backup withLinks You can also set a sharing deadline and access rights for.

need to pay Resilio Sync Pro Upgrade to allows you to personalize objects, send files, and link devices.
Resilio Sync connects devices directly P2P  A network method called (Peer to Peer) is adopted, and the connected devices are called peers (equivalents).

Folder registration and synchronization settings

Register the folder on the local disk to be synchronized with Resilio Sync and issue an authentication key.


From the tool icon in the upper right folder open.

folder Is the home screen.


From "+" on the upper left Standard folder Select to specify the folder to synchronize.


Since the sharing setting screen opens キ ー-Links-QR code Select the synchronization setting to use from.

キ ー
Issue an authentication key to access the shared folder, and enter the authentication key in the shared destination Resilio Sync to synchronize.

 With the URL including the authentication key, it is possible to set the owner's approval request, link expiration date, limit on the number of times of use, etc. at the start of synchronization.
QR code
The authentication key can be displayed as a QR code and read using the QR code scan of the Resilio Sync mobile app.
Authentication keyQR code Does not require owner approval at the start of folder synchronization and cannot set an expiration date.


Permissions Specify.

One-way synchronization that does not reflect changes made at the share destination.
Read / write
Two-way synchronization that reflects the edited contents of the shared destination.


Links Allows new peers to set security settings such as approval at the start of synchronization, link expiration date, and link usage count.

Available links Time Is a translation error, and is correct Number of times .


キ ー-Links The Copy Click to copy to the clipboard.

Links Of Email Address The fixed phrase with the shared link inserted is displayed by the default mailer.
Link approval

Links If you enable approval of new peers in your security, when the link is created notification Is done.


If there is a wait for approval notification Since the icon is displayed,notification Click the iconApproval request Select whether to access with.

Unsync – Delete Sync Folder

The free version of Resilio Sync is owned by the owner Unable to remove the peer that was set to synchronize, Folder access rights cannot be changed either, so if you need to change the synchronization settings, you need to delete the existing synchronization registration and re-register.


To cancel synchronization, use the 3-point reader to the right of the registered synchronization folder. Delete choose.

Peer confirmation

You can see the device (peer) that is syncing the folder and the online peer on the home screen.


From the tool icon in the upper right folder open.


Online peers The number of devices synced to and the number of devices while online are displayed.


Click the number of devices to check the device name and online status of the peer.

If a peer deletes the sync folder, you can remove the device from the list of peers.
Send file

Files too Links , QR code Can be issued and sent, but the recipient also needs Resilio Sync.


From "+" on the upper left Share files choose.


Files are not synced, so Links Can only be set for the expiration date.


The shared file is the tool icon Shared files You can check with.

Deleting a file does not delete the shared file.

Link / key input

Register the provided key link if you want to peer another device.


From "+" Enter a key or link choose.


Manual connection Screen opens, so I received it  キ ー , Links Enter Next Click


Specify the folder to synchronize.

If you specify a new folder, synchronization will start.


If you specify an existing folder, a dialog will be displayed, so click "OK".

Sync from email

If you receive a Resilio Sync shared link by email, you can add a sync folder from the link.


Click the link in the received email.


A browser will open, so if you have Resilio Sync installed, click "I already hava Sync".

resilio sync-022

The browser will ask for permission, so select "Open Resilio Sync".

resilio sync-023

Resilio Sync opens, specify the location to save the linked folder, and click "Connect".

resilio sync-024

Approval If required, wait for the owner's approval.

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Installing and using Resilio Sync Home for Windows

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