Installing and using RoboForm


A secure and easy-to-use high-performance password management app

RoboForm is a password manager developed by US software vendor Siber Systems that balances security, ease of use, and price, and a free version with limited functionality is also available.

RoboForm encrypts the app data installed on the PC with AES-256 linked to the master password and sends it to the RoboForm server via secure communication (HTTPS), and the data decryption was authenticated with the master password. Because it runs on your local device, RoboForm's server stores only encrypted data to ensure the security of device-to-device synchronization.

System requirements

Version 9 Currently

OS: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

Supported browsers
Microsoft Edge / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / Opera / IE 8 or later
Brave It can also be used with Chromium browsers.

Where to get the software

RoboForm Free Official Download Page

RoboForm installation

The RoboForm installer does not include adware or spyware.


On the download page Get RoboForm Free Click to download the installer.


Launch the downloaded installer and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


The setup wizard will start Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Check and if there is no problem, "Install".

The default setting adds the extension to all browsers supported by RoboForm installed on your PC.
Advanced options RoboForm allows you to select a built-in browser and change the installation destination.


When the installation is completed, the account creation screen will appear. Create new account Click


Set your email address and master password and click Next.

The master password is used when PBKDF2 generates a unique encryption key to access RoboForm user data, and it is not backed up by RoboForm and if you forget it, it will be unrecoverable. Keep it in a safe place so that it will not be lost.


When the account is created, click "Next".


The browser to install the extension is checked, so uncheck it if necessary and click "Next".


The installation page of the extension of the checked browser will open, so install it for each browser and add the extension.


Extensions are added.

Once you've created your account, RoboForm will email you tips on how to use it every day during the 30-day trial period, so if you don't need it, it's at the bottom of the email. Cancel reception Change the settings from the link.
Email address verification

After creating a RoboForm account, authenticate your registered email address.


To the email address registered from RoboForm Account Creation Notification I received an email with the title, so the text Click here Click the link.


Email address verification is complete.

Two-factor authentication settings

Set the reception of the one-time password used for two-factor authentication on the RoboForm account management screen.

Two-factor authentication is recommended as a measure to prevent unauthorized access, as it is necessary to enter the passcode sent to the specified recipient after entering the normal account password when accessing the RoboForm account.
Even with the free version of RoboForm Free, you can use the features of the paid version for 30 days after installation, but if you switch to the free version after the trial period ends Two-factor authentication -Sync between devices-Cloud backup Functions such as will not be available.


Click the RoboForm icon in the system tray HELP から RoboForm Account Management Do you choose RoboForm Account Management Page To access.


RoboForm Account Management If you select, the browser will open and you will be asked for a one-time password, so enter the password that will be sent to the email you are using for your account.


When the RoboForm administration screen opens My settings から Security choose.


By default 電子 メ ー ル Is enabled SMS -Google certification Can be changed to.


For phone (SMS), enter your mobile phone number and click "Send".


For 090-xxxx-6546, enter + 81-90-xxxx-6546.


A confirmation code will be sent to the phone number you entered, so enter the code and send it to enable the one-time password.

Google certification

Google Authenticator is provided on Android / iOS Google authentication system Apps Authentication method to use.


If you select Google Authenticator, the QR code to be read will be displayed. Scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator app and enter the one-time password displayed on the app to enable it.

Login settings

RoboForm allows you to log in with Windows Hello or fingerprint authentication in addition to the master password, and you can also set the time until logoff when there is no operation.

The login information registered in RoboForm is encrypted and decrypted using the master password when using the login information.
The master password is stored in main memory (RAM) when you log in to RoboForm, so you don't have to enter it every time you use RoboForm. For your safety, RoboForm will automatically log off and clear your memory master password.


To change your login settings, go to the RoboForm icon in the system tray. Options Select and on the left sidebar Security choose.


If you are using biometrics such as Windows Hello Kensington Fingerprint Reader Etc. If your device supports fingerprint authentication Authentication method You can change your RoboForm authentication method by entering your master password.

Do not use master password Doesn't require you to log in to RoboForm without logging in, but you'll be prompted to enter your master password every 30 days.


With automatic logoff, you can disable logoff when switching users or locking the screen, and set the time until logoff when RoboForm is not in use.

How to use RoboForm

If your browser has the RoboForm extension installed, RoboForm will detect your login form, allowing you to work seamlessly like your browser's password feature.


After starting the PC, RoboForm is logged off, so click the RoboForm icon in your browser to log in.

Register with RoboForm

Registration to RoboForm includes login information and personal information, and login information includes website login and app login.

Website login information

In addition to automatic registration of website login information, irregular forms that cannot be handled by automatic registration can save forms and login information.

Automatic registration of login information

RoboForm detects new logins and automatically registers.


When you log in to a site that is not registered with RoboForm, a dialog will be displayed, so select the operation.

keep :
Register the login information you entered in RoboForm.
Not Now: Not Now:
I do not register, but the dialog is displayed the next time I log in.
Not on this site since:
Do not save login information and do not display dialogs in the future.


save Select to add login information.

Save form

Save the login information and input form because auto-registration does not work properly on sites that do not use the normal login form, such as banks.


With all your login information, including your password, clicked on your browser's RoboForm extension Floppy Click the icon.


Edit the name Login "Save" after confirming that is enabled.


Automatic input will be possible from the next time.

Displayed in online bank  Add bank account RoboForm icon identity You can't log in even if you add your account information to your identity.
App login form

RoboForm can also register login information for apps that perform online authentication.


When RoboForm detects your app's login form, RoboForm's "Save" button will appear below the form, so if you want to register Press Save and then enter your login information to log in.

If you don't see RoboForm on your form Password Activate the input form of.


Name it and register it with "Save".


If the login information acquisition from the form fails, a dialog will be displayed, so re-enter the login information.

Identity-Personal Information

identity Then, you can register personal information such as name, address, date of birth, My Number, driver's license number, and add information such as bank account and credit card to the registered personal information.

Items registered in the identity can be used when filling out the form.


From your browser's RoboForm extension Enter ID choose.

To create multiple identities, use the RoboForm menu in the system tray. identity Run from.


Click "+" identity choose.


The new identity creation screen opens, so enter your name etc. according to the wizard to create.

The form will be localized for the country selected in the list of countries.


Select the item you want to add from the left sidebar and register your account, credit card, etc.

You can view your registered bank account and credit card information from RoboForm, and auto-fill the form will also be enabled.


The login information registered in RoboForm will display the RoboForm icon when the form is activated.


Click the RoboForm icon displayed on the form.


Since the registration information is displayed, select the login information to use, and the login information will be reflected in the form and login will be executed automatically.

App login

For apps too, RoboForm will be displayed when the form is activated.


The application name registered in RoboForm is displayed at the bottom of the form, so if you click and select the login information to use, the login information will be reflected and login will be executed automatically.

Password import

Importing RoboForm differs between RoboForm and third-party apps.

RoboForm data import

Paid RoboForm Everyware encrypts and stores RoboForm data on an online server, so you can sync data across multiple devices using the same account, but free RoboForm doesn't have a sync feature, so you can manually sync it. Synchronization is required.


To export / import data, click the RoboForm icon in the system tray Options Open Account and data Done in.


Output format for data export CSV fileSet to.


Import from the left sidebar CSV Select Import from file Specify the CSV file output by export with.

Import from other password manager / browser

RoboForm supports imports from major password managers as well as passwords stored in the browser.

Supported password managers
1Password, Dashlane, LastPass, KeePass , Enpass , Password Boss な ど


To import from the RoboForm icon in the system tray tool Of import choose.


Click "Import" to import from the browser.

When importing from another password manager, it is necessary to export the file, and the settings differ depending on the application, so on the official website How to import RoboFormSee.

Device removal

RoboForm allows you to deactivate your device from the admin screen if it is stolen or lost.


Click the RoboForm icon in the system tray HELP から RoboForm Account Management Do you choose RoboForm Account Management Page After accessing  My settings Select a session from.


Approved device Check the devices you want to remove from and click "Delete Selection".


A confirmation dialog will be displayed, and the device selected with "Yes" will be deleted.

The deleted device will become an unregistered device the next time you start it, and you will be prompted to enter a one-time password if you have set up two-factor authentication.

How to buy RoboForm

RoboForm allows unlimited devices available with a single license and automatic synchronization between devices.

RoboForm Everywhere Purchase Page  


The license is a subscription format that is not automatically renewed, and there are "1 year", "3 years", and "5 years", so select any license.

The list price does not include tax.
To change the currency used for payment, change from the "Currency" list on the upper right.


The price including tax will be displayed, so check out after confirming.


Payment is made by credit card or PayPal.


When the payment is completed, you will be returned to the RoboForm screen. Log in with your existing RoboForm account. Click the link.


Enter your RoboForm login information and click Login.


You can check the end date of the purchased license in "License".

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