Installing and using Sophos Intercept X for Mobile


Free Android security app with high malware detection rate

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile Is a UK security vendor Sophos A completely free ad-free security app developed byAV-Comparatives , AV-TEST Has achieved excellent results such as 100% malware detection rate in the test.

System requirements

Version 9 Currently

Android 7.0 or later

Data collected

  • Installed apps
  • Web browsing history
  • App crash log
  • App diagnostics

Where to get the app

Google Play Store Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile official website

Install Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile protects your device after installation, so you need permissions on each item.


Install Sophos Intercept X for Mobile from the Google Play store.


After installation, start Sophos Intercept X for Mobile and tap "Agree and run" if there are no problems with the terms of use.

Turn off if you want to refuse to send trial statistics or crash reports.


You need to allow access to the storage, so tap "Allow".


The access permission confirmation dialog is also displayed from the system, so click "Allow".


Tap Always Protect to protect your device by running Sophos Intercept X for Mobile in the background at all times.


The dialog from the system is also "Allow".


Access to usage history Tap "Allow" to allow.


Access to usage Because the list of Sophos Intercept X for Mobile Tap.


Usage permissions Enable and tap the "Back" button twice.


Overlaid on top of other apps allow ".


Overlaid on top of other appsA list of will open, tap Sophos Intercept X for Mobile andOverlaid on top of other apps Enable and tap the "Back" button.


Tap "Change settings" to allow access to external storage.


Access to all filesA list of will open, tap Sophos Intercept X for Mobile andGrant access to manage all files Enable and tap the "Back" button.


Updated News Is displayed and setup is complete.

Security & Antivirus Guard installation

Prevent inadvertent uninstall of apps App lock If you use the Sophos Intercept X for Mobile plugin for better protection Security & Antivirus Guard Is additionally installed.

Google Play Store Security & Antivirus Guard


Installed from the Google Play store.

Security & Antivirus Guard Is a plugin, so when uninstalling Configuration Of Apps and notifications Uninstall from.


After installation, launch Sophos Intercept X for Mobile and tap Always Protect.


The dialog from the system is also "Allowed" and the setup is completed.

Initial setting

After setting each permission, Sophos Intercept X for Mobile will display the main screen and start scanning automatically.

Devices that implement their own management app need to set the app manager for automatic startup.


After scanning, problems such as screen lock, PIN, biometric settings, USB debugging, etc. will be detected. Device is not safe Tap.


Items with security risks are displayed.


Tap the detected item to display detailed information. If you want to change the settings, edit the Android OS settings from "Confirm settings".

If the security risk is set with the knowledge, "Ignore check" will be excluded from the detection target.


常 に The device is protected Leave it in the state of.

Network security

WEB filtering-Link checker-Wi-Fi security Is disabled by default Network security Set from.


To enable each function Network security Tap.

WEB filtering

WEB filteringIs a function that issues a warning message when accessing malicious content, by default. Content with embedded malicious code-Phishing and fraudulent sites-Content including spyware Is enabled.

Browser protected by web filtering
Google Chrome / Firefox / Edge
Brave, Vivaldi, DuckDuckGo, Opera also work with web filtering.


Web filtering Tap.


Web filtering is turned off Tap the slider to enable it.


Tap "Turn on".


Configuration Of Accessibility Is displayed Sophos Accessibiluty Service Tap andSophos Accessibiluty Service Tap the slider to enable it, "Allow" full control, then tap the "Back" button twice.



In the filter Adult related content-Content that increases criminal activity Filters for children are also available, and tap any item to make settings.


The filter mode is block-caveat- Authorization With 3 types,block If you select, the corresponding site will display a dialog and you will not be able to access it.


Enabled by default Content with embedded malicious code-Phishing and fraudulent sites-Content including spyware The caveat When accessing, a dialog is displayed and you can access the site by selecting "Allow".
Link checker

The link checker is a protection function that checks the links of document files such as emails and PDF files.


Network security から Link checker Select to enable.


Browser selection Specify the browser to open the link checked in and complete the setting.


If you tap a link such as an email after setting the link checker, the application selection screen will be displayed.Sophos Intercept X for Mobile choose.

Wi-Fi security

Wi-Fi security Is a protection function that detects network threats when connecting to Wi-Fi or switching between Wi-Fi.

An attacker can spoof ARP and associate the attacker's MAC address with the user's IP address to enable eavesdropping on communications. ARP spoofing Or ask the user for permission to connect to a free Wi-Fi spotCaptive portal In addition, tampered content and SSL intercepts are detected.


Wi-Fi security To always enable Background check To "ON".


A description of the permissions will be displayed, so click "Allow".


A dialog will be displayed, so click "Open".


Sophos Intercept X for Mobile Of App information Opens, soAuthority から location information Select to access location information Always allow And the setting is completed.


Sophos Intercept X for Mobile scans for malware when you install the app, but you can schedule the app to scan for malware on a regular basis.


From the hamburger button at the top right of the home screen Configuration choose.


Schedule search Tap the slider to enable it.

Scheduled search defaults every day Since it is set to (when charging), if you want to change it Frequency of scheduled searches Edit from.

How to use Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is an installation configuration that monitors your device in real time. Live protectionIs enabled, so no operation is required after setting.

Features that are useful for live protection
Device security
It is used to check the security status of the device, such as device lock, and is enabled in the installed state.
Network security
Protected features that require additional permissions, such as web filtering, link confirmation, and Wi-Fi connection monitoring, are disabled by default.
App security
Enabled by default in the basic security app features that scan for newly installed apps and apps that users have installed on their devices to detect malware disguised as apps and apps that they don't think are needed (PUA).

Sophos-Intercept X-44

Device security When you tap, items with security risk are displayed in yellow or red,Lock screen notificationNFC,Bluetooth Commonly used security-risk features are not detected as a problem even if they are enabled.

Manual scan

Malware scanning of user-installed apps and Wi-Fi security checks can be performed manually.

Malware scan

Malware scan targets user-installed apps and downloaded files.

Sophos-Intercept X-45

If you want to run the scan manually, go to the home screen App security Tap "Show scan details" from.

Sophos-Intercept X-46

Tap "Start" to start the malware scan.

Wi-Fi check

Check the safety of Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi security.

Sophos-Intercept X-47

From the home screen Network security Select Wi-Fi security Execute "Check WI-FI" by tapping.

Security tool

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is a security tool as well as live protection Authentication-Password safe-Secure QR Code Scanner-App lock Is implemented.

Each function of the security tool is an independent module, not a security function against threats such as malware.


Access the security tools from the hamburger button at the top right of the home screen.


Authentication Is a feature that supports multiple verificationGoogle authentication system , Microsoft Authenticator It provides the same functions as the authentication application such as.

The multi-factor authentication feature of Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is for displaying one-time passwords, and you need to set up each account to disable multiple-factor authentication.


After enabling two-step verification on the admin screen of an account that supports two-step verification, such as your Google account or Microsoft account, select the verification app as the sign-in method to view your QR code and private key.


Sophos Intercept X for Mobile Authentication Open and tap "+" to scan the QR code Manual addition With the private key key Enter in.

Manual addition In the case of Name Also enter.
Password safe

Password Safe is an open source password management software KeePass Password Safe Password manager function based on.

Sophos-Intercept X-52

Not only can you import KeePass Password Safe database files, but you can also create new KeePass Password Safe database files.


Installing and using KeePass Password Safe

KeePass Password Safe is a free password management app developed in open source, and the database is an advanced encryption algorithm […].

QR code scanner

QR code scanner Can censor the target URL before opening the scanned QR code.

App lock

App lock Is a protection function to prevent the installed application from being uninstalled by mistake. When enabled, biometric authentication and PIN input are required to access the setting screen and uninstall the application.

If you want to use App Lock, install Security & Antivirus Guard additionally.

Sophos-Intercept X-53

App lock When using App lock The on and select loop cut from the Device administrator privileges Tap "Turn on".


Enable this device management app Tap to select and set the authentication method for unlocking.

Sophos-Intercept X-56

With default settings Google play store Only enabled and requires authentication to open the Google play store.

Access to the app's lock settings also requires authentication.

Sophos-Intercept X-57

If you want to protect installed apps App selection Tap the app you want to protect from to enable it.

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