Installing and using Tor Browser


A browser with access to the dark web with a focus on privacy protection

Tor browserIs a non-profit organization Tor Project Firefox It is an open source web browser developed based on, and communication is always available. Encrypted / anonymized with Tor connectionIt is designed with an emphasis on privacy protection and anonymity, such as the deletion of cookies and site data when the browser is closed.


From the official Tor website


TorOnion proxyIt is a standard that anonymizes communication by means of a standard that triple-encrypts communication data and goes through three randomly selected relay servers, and the last server (exit node) decrypts the communication to the normal Internet. In order to connect, the IP address of the exit node is recorded in the connection destination Web server, and the original connection source is anonymized.

Compared to normal communication without TorSince complicated encryption is sent and received between the servers that pass through, the communication speed is inevitably slowed down, and scripts that are allowed to be executed by general browsers are prohibited, so the web page is not displayed correctly. It is difficult to use.
A browser that can access the dark web

Tor Browser has come to the forefront with cryptocurrencies Dark web With a browser that can access.onion A site with a special domain called is connected between nodes without using an IP address while the communication data is encrypted (does not use the exit node), so it is possible to operate the site or server while hiding the identity. Become.


Darknet accessed by Tor

Lawless Zones Accessed by the Anonymous Browser Tor Websites include the Surface Web (surface web) that appears on search engines such as Google, and the Deep Web (deep web […]) that does not appear on search engines.

Occurred in 2012 Computer remote control incident The use of Tor for the crime was also talked about, and in June 2018, the site administrator in the dark web was arrested for the first time for posting child pornographic images on the dark web using Tor.

System requirements

Version 11 Currently

OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or later processor (SSE2 compatible)
RAM : 2 GB or more (32 MB or more for 512-bit environment)
Storage: 200 MB or more free

Where to get the software

Tor Browser official website download page

If a nation censors the internet, access to will likely be blocked.Get Tor Request a download link by email using . 

Install Tor Browser

Tor Browser setup  Program files Not installed in a folder, but in a specified location Tor Browser With folders Start Tor Browser Is only created, but it is not written to the registry etc. and is not displayed in the application list.

When uninstalling, delete the created folder and shortcut.


On the download page by language Japanese In the place of, according to the architecture of the PC to be used 32bit / 64bit Click the link to download the installer.


Launch the downloaded installer and on the language selection screen Japanese Select and click "OK".


Since the installation destination is the desktop by default, click "Browse", specify the save destination of Tor Browser, and click "Install".

You can create a portable version by specifying a USB memory as the installation destination.
 Program Files / Program Files (x86)Folder cannot be specified.


Setup is completed with "Complete".


When Tor starts, a dialog recommending changing the language to English appears only for the first time, so select it arbitrarily.


If you want to connect to Tor when you start your browser Always connect automatically Enable "Connect".


When the connection to Tor is completed, the browser will start.


Set the home page, default search engine, etc.


From the hamburger button on the upper right Configuration choose.


On the left sidebar General Now, set the language settings, fonts, download destination, etc.

Search engine

Tor Browser's default search engine does not track DuckDuckGo .


Tor browser Search bar When you enter a search term in, you can select the search engine to use.

 Google  Unusual traffic detected Is displayed and cannot be used, so if you want to display Google search results, StartPage use.


If you want to change the default search engine, go to the left sidebar Search Products It is in Default search engine Specified from the list of.

Security level setting

The security level of Tor Browser is Standard / safer / safest By default, general websites can be displayed with almost no problem. M It has become.

M The All features of Tor Browser and website are enabled However, since anonymity is secured by Tor, no change is necessary for normal use.


If you want to change the security level, select "Change" from the shield icon on the upper right, or Configuration Of Privacy and security open.


Increasing the security level reduces the risk of anonymity and malware, but it disables JavaScript used by many websites, so it is highly likely that the page will not be displayed correctly, which is convenient. It is greatly damaged.

Tor Bridge

Tor Bridge is China's Great Firewall, etc. Bypass internet censorshipA Tor relay that hides the use of Tor by connecting to a private relay server.


with Tor browser Tor Bridge pageGo to and click "Just give me bridges!"


Enter the displayed string.


Since the bridge is displayed, "Select all".


From the hamburger button on the upper right Configuration choose.


On the left sidebar Connection Select Bridges Click "Add a Bridge Manually".


Paste the copied bridge address and click OK.


The private address is added and completed.


By setting a bridge, access from the browser becomes a private address, so you can hide access to the Tor server and bypass Internet censorship such as the Great Firewall.


If you want to stop using the bridge, remove the address with "Remove All Bridges".

How to use Tor Browser

If you have enabled automatic connection to Tor, you can use it like a normal browser without any special operation because it will be a Tor connection when the browser is started, but the IP address will be anonymized via Tor and the location will be specified. Since it is not possible, English-speaking search results will be displayed unless you mix kanji and hiragana when searching.

  Since some sites block access from Tor, it is usually necessary to use it with a browser.


Tor Browser official website, New York Times, etc. .onion If you have a domain site, in the address bar .onion available Is displayed, and when you click .onion Go to the domain page.

Automatically select "Always give priority to Onion" in the first dialog .onion Redirect to the domain page.
Priority use for Onion domain Configuration Of Privacy and security It is in Onion service Can be changed with.


Bookmarks are hidden by default, so when using them Bookmark toolbar Is displayed.


From the hamburger button Bookmarks Select,Show bookmark toolbar To enable.

Add bookmark

If you want to bookmark the page you are viewing, it will be displayed in the address bar. Click the mark.


Click the ☆ mark to open the bookmark edit screen. Specify the display name of the web page and the bookmark addition destination, and then click "Save".

Check the relay server

The relay node used by Tor Browser is changed for each site, and you can check the current relay node on the browser.


With any website open, click the lock icon or onion icon in the address bar to see the server and IP address you are going through.

A normal site goes through three relay servers, and when you connect to a site in the .onion domain, it connects without an exit node.

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