Video editing / audio editing

Movie editing


How to use the online video maker InVideo

InVideo, an online service that allows you to easily create high-quality videos using abundant templates, is provided by Indian computer company Whitesheep TechnologyPrivateLimited […]


Installing and using Avidemux

Avidemux, an open source free video editing software that allows you to edit video cuts without deterioration, is a non-linear editing free video editor that is being developed in open source. […]


Installing and using AviUtl

AviUtl, a standard free video editing software that allows timeline editing, is a free video software developed by Mr. KEN. Many plug-ins have been released, and VFW (Video for W […] developed by Microsoft.


Installing and using iMyfone Filme

IMyfone Filme, an easy-to-use video editing app that allows you to edit the timeline with a wealth of effects, is developed by Chinese software vendor Shenzhen iMyFone Technology […]


Installing and using DVDFab Enlarger AI

DVDFab Enlarger AI, a module that realizes sharp upscaling by deep learning, is a Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao Software) […]


Installing and using Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus, a multifunctional video editing software with good operability and timeline editing, is a timeline editing developed by Cyprus software vendor Movavi Software […]


Installing and using Shotcut for Windows

Shotcut, an open source and free multi-functional video editing app with timeline editing, is an open source free video editor developed by US software vendor Meltytech, LLC.


Installing and using MIFI LosslessCut

MIFI LosslessCut is an open source video editing app developed by Norwegian Mikael Finstad for video […].


How to use FlexClip Video Maker

FlexClip Video Maker, a free online video maker with basic editing such as adding text and BGM, was developed by Chinese software vendor Pearl Mountain Technology […]


Installing and using OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot Video Editor, an open source free video editing app that supports Japanese timeline editing, is open source developed by US software vendor OpenShot Studios […]

Audio editing


Installing and using Audacity

Audacity is a multi-functional audio editor with a waveform editing type developed by MuseGroup that allows you to edit, encode, and effect audio files. Edit audio files […]


Installing and using Mp3tag

Free software MP3tag that can edit the meta tag ID3 of the audio file is a free tag editor developed by German software developer Florian Heidenreich, and the meta tag ID3 of the audio file […]

Subtitle creation

subtitle edit-icon

Installing and using Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit, an open source multi-functional subtitle creation app that supports Japanese, is an open source subtitle creation free software developed by Nikolaj Lynge Olsson of Denmark. Sub […]

Basic knowledge of video


Basic knowledge of Blu-ray copying and ripping

About Blu-ray standards and ripping apps Rip is used synonymously with copy, backup, and dubbing by importing video and audio data from an optical disc into a computer using dedicated software, but the app is a copy […].


Basic knowledge of DVD copying and ripping

Basic knowledge required for copy / ripping such as DVD standards, media types, copy guards, etc. For ripping, copy / backup / dubbing […] by importing the video / audio data of the disc into a personal computer using dedicated software.


Basic knowledge of 4K UHD

4K UHD resolution, viewing distance, and specifications such as HDR 2018K broadcasting, which started in BS / CS in December 12, has higher resolution, brightness, and brightness than terrestrial digital broadcasting, and the image quality is dramatically improved. There is. […]


How to turn an analog video into a video file

Creating a video file from VHS video When you digitize a recorded video tape and save it as a DVD or video file, you need a VCR, computer, and video capture, and if you want to burn it to DVD, you can use DVD-RW. ]


Basic knowledge of archive files

About archive files including ISO image files Archive means "recording / saving", but "archive file" is a file of a folder containing multiple files, and an electronic book is an archive […]


Basic knowledge of video editing and terrestrial digital recording

Basic knowledge of video editing such as file format and bit rate and recording of terrestrial digital video Until a long time ago, video editing was difficult unless it was a computer of middle range class or higher, but now it is edited with smartphones and online services [ …]