Windows installation / upgrade



Windows 10/11 reset (initialization)

Windows initialization that can be done from Windows 10/11 settings Windows 10/11 has the ability to remove all third party apps and reset Windows to the initial state, SSD / […]


Clean install of Windows 10

Free upgrade Windows 10 clean install and activation procedure Windows 10 undergoes a major upgrade twice a year (from 2H21 to once a year) and Home Edi […]


Installing and using Windows 95 in Electron

Nostalgic Windows95 Windows 95 in Electron, created with the open source framework Electron, is Slack's senior engineer Felix Rieseberg […]


Install Windows 7 on Ryzen PC

Use Windows 10 on AMD Ryzen PCs that only support Windows 7 Microsoft 7th Generation Intel, 7th AMD AMD, Qualcomm “8996 ″ and above […]


Windows Store App Removal and Repair

Uninstalling and repairing unwanted store apps The standard apps implemented by Windows 10/11 were developed on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and some apps were uninstalled […]


How to set up and get Windows XP SP3

Where to get ISO files for Windows XP SP3 and Windows 2000 and how to set up SP2 Windows XP will end extended support in 2014, and current CPUs and applications will be supported […]

Upgrade update


How to upgrade a non-Windows 11 PC

Upgrade devices that do not meet system requirements such as TPM and secure boot to Windows 11 Windows 11 has more stringent system requirements, AMD Ryzen 1st Generation, Intel […]


How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free

Free upgrade from Windows 7 / Windows 8 to Windows 10 For computers running Windows 7 / Windows 8 (8.1) that have been certified with a regular license, Mic […]


MUJI Upgrade procedure from Windows 7

How to upgrade unbranded Windows 7 that can no longer be auto-updated to SP1 Windows 2009 released in October 10 ended support on January 7, 2020, and Windows Updat […]


How to get Windows 11 using UUP dump

Download the Windows 11 ISO file using the web tool UUP dump Download Windows 11 published for insiders from the Windows Update server […]


How to delete Windows old folder

How to delete the Windows old folder generated after a major Windows update Microsoft announced in April 2017 that it would release feature updates around March and September every year, and Windo […]