Installing and using XnViewMP for Windows


Free multifunctional image viewer with over 500 image formats

XnView MPIs in France Pierre-Emmanuel Gougelet A multi-platform multi-functional image viewer developed by him that supports not only major image files but also more than 500 image formats such as AVIF, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, DXF, DWG, and simple photo retouching. It also implements editing functions such as resizing and trimming.

System requirements

Version 1 Currently

OS: Windows 7/8/10/11

Where to get the software

XnView MP official download page

PDFelement9 free distribution

Install XnViewMP for Windows

The XnView MP installer does not include adware or spyware.


On the download page Windows Download the installer that matches the architecture of your PC from the item.


Launch the downloaded installer and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


Since the setup wizard does not support Japanese, leave "English" and click "OK".


If there is no problem with the license agreement I accept the agreement Check the box and click "Next".


If you are not particular about the installation destination, the default setting is "Next".


Register in the start menu with the default "Next".


If you don't need the desktop shortcut, uncheck it and click Next.


Check the settings and click "Install".


Visit website Uncheck andRun XnViewMP Check the box and click "Finish".


Startup Wizard Because it opens  Add'Open with XnView' to the context menu Check the box.

If you add it to the context menu, when you select an image file, the right-click menu will appear. Open with XnView Is added.


Sending anonymous logs is enabled by default, so if you want to reject it Send anonymous logs Uncheck to disable.

Set as default – Windows 11

From Windows 11, the method of changing the default application has become complicated, andPhoto viewer Can no longer be specified as.


Configuration  Of App or Application or Sakurabook App It is in Prescribed app から XnView MP for Windows OpenPicture Click the image file in which is set.


Because a dialog opens XnView MP Specify and click "OK".


Prescribed app Is changed to XnView MP.

PictureRequires the same operation for all extensions that are set to.

Irfan View-022

When setting is troublesome, when opening an image file, in File Explorer Detail View で Picture Files with the icon of are from the context menu Open from program  Of Select another program choose.


Set XnView MP to the program that opens the file,Always use this app to open files Enable and click "OK"

Set as default – Windows 10

In Windows 10 Photo viewer Set XnView MP to.

XnViewMP Photo viewer-020

スタート から Configuration Select App or Application or Sakurabook App Of Prescribed app OpenPhoto viewer Click and select XnView MP from the list.

Initial setting

XnView has a unique interface and is the default viewer for Windows Picture If you feel something is wrong or difficult to use because the behavior is different from Configuration Customize with.

Change full screen mode

XnView MP displays its own browser in full-screen mode when the associated image is opened, the control buttons are only move and slideshow, and the operation is done from the context menu.


If you want to use the conventional window display, use the menu bar. tool から Configuration open.


From the left sidebar 全 般 Select,全 般 On the tab Mode when opening a file The usually change to.


When the image file is opened directly, it is displayed in a window.

Double-click the opened image or select the tool icon Explorer to display the browser screen with the folder containing the displayed image selected.
ブ ラ ウ ザ

When you start XnView by itself ブ ラ ウ ザ Opens,PictureThe folder or the folder containing the previously displayed image file is displayed.

XnViewMP Photo viewer-023

To change the folder selected at startup Configuration Of 全 般 It is in Startup directory In the item of None , Specified Select and edit.

XnViewMP Photo viewer-024

Startup Of Open browser If you disable, XnView will start blank.


Browser display is by default Thumbnail + label Is selected.

XnView MP-025

The label is file name + Vertical and horizontal size + File creation date + EXIF date + EXIF focal length-F value-Shutter speed-ISO sensitivityIs displayed.

XnView MP-026

If you want to change the display, it is above the thumbnail Specified format display Select from the icons.

XnView MP-027

label To edit the display items of Configuration から thumbnail Select label Open a tab, select an unnecessary item from the right pane and move it to the left pane with ◀, and move the item you want to display from the list in the left pane to the right pane.

XnView MP-028

The size of the thumbnail can be changed with the slide bar.

XnView MP-029

If you enlarge the thumbnail display beyond the set value, you need to reset the thumbnail size, but increasing the thumbnail size does not make the thumbnail image clear.

Catalog maintenance

XnView stores thumbnails in the database as a catalog, and regular maintenance is recommended because the database grows in proportion to the frequency of XnView usage.

XnView MP-030

Catalog maintenance Configuration Of Catalogs Select "Optimize" in.

XnView MP-031

Because the maintenance screen opens Database optimization-Thumbnail removal-File data removalAnd so on to refresh the catalog.

If you remove thumbnails and file data, the thumbnails will be reconstructed the next time you load them, so it will take some time before they are displayed, depending on the amount of data.

How to use XnViewMP for Windows

The home screen of XnView MP is a file explorer, and you can preview images, check information, categorize, etc. from the folder selection, and it is designed to make it easy to manage multiple images.

XnView MP-034

On the menu bar display It is in Data paneInformation pane It is also possible to hide other than the thumbnail screen by editing.

Information pane

Information pane Now you can see metadata such as EXIF ​​if the image is a photo.

XnView MP-037

When you select a thumbnail Information pane Is displayed in.


Categories Is the ability to tag and categorize files on XnView.

XnView MP032

By default icon-drawing-写真-Image-A painting-voice Is prepared, 写真 As a subcategory Pet , Everyday Life There are items such as.

XnView MP033

Besides categories Tag (□) ・Rating (☆) ・Color label There is (◯), and you can add it by clicking the icon displayed on the thumbnail.


The set categories and ratings can be extracted using the filter on the left side, but multiple items such as ratings and color labels cannot be selected.


WishlistRegisters a folder. With the folder open, click the ★ next to the address bar on the left side. Wishlist The folder is registered in the tab.

Image processing

XnView can perform processing such as image rotation, mirror inversion, resizing, trimming, color adjustment, drawing, etc.ブ ラ ウ ザ Then only rotation and mirror can be operated.

XnView MP039

When you select an image in the browser, the tool icon 開 く-full screen-Left / right rotation-JPEG lossless conversion Is now available,JPEG lossless conversion In addition to multiple rotation menus, mirror inversion (translation / vertical movement) can be applied in the drop-down list of.

XnView MP-038

ブ ラ ウ ザ Double-click the thumbnail displayed in, or select the thumbnail and then use the tool icon. 開 く When you open the image with trimming-resize-Left / right rotation-Color adjustment-Tone curve Is displayed.


In addition to free selection, you can fix the ratio or select any size for cropping the image.

XnView MP-039

Open the image from the thumbnail and drag the image with the mouse to specify the range to crop.

XnView MP-040

After deciding the trimming range, the tool icon trimming Execute cutting with.

trimming Since the cropping effect of is not saved, if you want to save the cropped image, use the menu bar. File から save Or Save as Execute.
Fixed ratio

To fix the ratio or select a fixed size, open the image from the thumbnail and use the tool icon. trimming choose.

XnView MP-041

Since the toolbar is displayed, select the ratio and size from the drop-down list and specify the range to be trimmed.

XnView MP-042

To crop the specified range, use "Trimming".

"Save selection" saves the cut area with a different name, and "Crop, save & Next" overwrites the cut state and saves the original image.

XnView MP can not only resize the image, but also resize the original file without resizing it, only the print size (DPI).

XnView MP-043

Open the image from the thumbnail and use the tool icon resize When you select, the setting screen will be displayed. Resample Check Width高 さEnter the size you want to change to.

method Then. Lanczos method (Lanczos) ・Bilinear method You can select multiple scaling methods, but if you are not particular about it, use the default Lanczos method.

XnView MP-044

If you want to change only the print size without changing the image size,Resample Uncheck Print size Enter a number in.

Color adjustment

Adjustment Then of the image Brightness-コ ン ト ラ ス ト-Color temperature-Hue-brightnessEtc. can be adjusted.

XnView MP047

Color adjustment In the drop-down list of Emphasize color " Level " Shadows / highlights " Conbright / Gammasat " Automatic level " Automatic contrast"Can be selected.


Emphasize colorNow, change the slider and the numerical value to correct the color tone.

preview If you check, you can compare before and after correction.Apply to image When is enabled, the changed result is reflected in the image.
Even if you click "OK" to reflect the correction, the correction content is not saved. save Or save as Operation is required.

In the tone curve Luminance Or RGB Can be selected.


You can add lines, rectangles, circles, text, etc. and insert watermarks (watermarks).

XnView MP053

From the tool icon 描画 choose.

XnView MP055

The text implements frequently used effects such as borders and drop shadows when inserting images.

描画To reflect the edited contents save Or save as Operation is required.
PDFelement9 free distribution

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