Installing and using IrfanView

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Easy-to-use free multi-functional multi-viewer

IrfanView The Irfan SkiljanMore A free multi-functional multi-viewer developed by him, it also implements light and simple photo retouching and painting functions, and has been supported for many years as an alternative application to the photo viewer that is standardly implemented by Windows. There is.

System requirements

Version 4 as of

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10/11

The 64-bit version is Windows Vista or later.

Where to get the software

IrfanView official download page

The 32-bit version is also available from the Windows Store.
PDFelement9 free distribution

Install IrfanView

The IrfanView installer does not include adware or spyware.

Irfan View-001

The download link on the top page is FOSSHUB Move to.

IrfanView Graphic Viewer 049

Download the installer.

The 64-bit version will be able to handle image files larger than 1.3GB.
All Plugins Adds support for BodyPaint 3D / DXF / DWG / XCF files to IrfanView, as well as MP3 playback and email capabilities. If you want to install the plugin, download the installer version of the same architecture as your IrfanView.

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IrfanView official website LANGUAGES page から Japanese Download the installer version of.

Irfan View-003

Start the downloaded IrfanView main unit installer, and when the user account control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.

Irfan View-004

Select the user to create and use the shortcut, and if you are not particular about the installation destination, click "Next" with the default settings.

IrfanView Thumbnail is a file explorer that displays thumbnails of images.

Irfan View-005

A description of the version will be displayed, so click "Next".

IrfanView Graphic Viewer -104

On Windows 10/11 File associationAfter installing IrfanView Default app settingsIs required, so skip with "Next".

When using on Windows 8 or earlier OS Try to change association in System-Registry Enable and enable the extension that opens in IrfanView.

Irfan View-006

Keep the default settings for the installation destination of the setting file, and click "Next" to start the installation.

Irfan View-007

When the installation is complete, click "Done" to finish the setup.

Localizing into Japanese

After installing IrfanView itself, close the browser you started and IrfanView and start the installer of the downloaded Japanese language file.

Irfan View-008

When the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.

Irfan View-009

If the installation destination of the main unit remains the default, click "Install".

Irfan View-010

Click "OK" to complete the installation.

Irfan View-011

Start IrfanView and select the top menu Options から Change Language choose.

Irfan View-012

For Japanese, you can select Meiryo or Yu Gothic, so specify the font to use and click "OK".

Add plugin

To add a plugin, close the running IrfanView and then launch the plugin installer.

Irfan View-016

When the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.

Irfan View-017

If the installation destination of the main unit remains the default, click "Next" without changing the installation destination.

Irfan View-018

The file for the plug-in is added to the plug-in folder of the main unit and completed.

View AVIF files

Latest image codec AVIF If you want IrfanView to display image files that use, from the Microsoft Store after installing the plug-in. AV1 Video Extension To install.

AVIF is an image codec that uses the technology of the video codec AV1, so you can view it in IrfanView by installing the AV1 Video extension on Windows.


From the Microsoft Store AV1 Video Extension Install.

When it becomes possible to display IrfanView thumbnail Batch conversion from to highly versatile files such as Jpeg is also possible.

Set as default – Windows 11

From Windows 11, the method of changing the default application has become complicated, andPhoto viewer Can no longer be specified as.

Irfan View-019

Configuration Of App or Application or Sakurabook App It is in Prescribed app から IrfanView OpenPicture Click the image file in which is set.

Irfan View-020

Because a dialog opens IrfanView Specify "OK"

Irfan View-021

Prescribed app Is changed to IrfanView.

PictureRequires the same operation for all extensions that are set to.

Irfan View-022

When setting is troublesome, when opening an image file, in File Explorer Detail ViewPicture Files with the icon of are from the context menu Open from program Of Select another program choose.

Irfan View-023

Set IrfanView to the program that opens the file,Always use this app to open files Enable and click "OK".

Set as default – Windows 10

In Windows 10 Photo viewer Set IrfanView to.

Irfan View-024

スタート から Configuration Select App or Application or Sakurabook App Of Prescribed app OpenPhoto viewer Click and select IrfanView from the list.

How to use IrfanView

If you set IrfanView to the default application, you can use it simply as an image viewer because it opens in IrfanView when you click the image file.

Irfan View-115

Frequently used operations are summarized in the icon menu.

If you have multiple image files Previous / Next In addition to the icon operation of, it is also possible to move with the mouse wheel, and enlargement / reduction is on the keyboard + / - , The fixed zoom Shift + L Shortcut keys can be used for major operations.

Irfan View-013

By default, the display magnification is 100% Since it is, change the setting according to the usage environment.

Irfan View-015

Image rotation and inversion (mirror) etc. are in the menu image It can also be operated from.

New image

IrfanView also supports creating new images.

Irfan View-025

Of the menu image から Create New Do you choose Shift + N. .

Irfan View-026

A window for specifying the size of the image will open, so set it as you like and click "OK".

When pasting an image, it is automatically adjusted to the data size to be pasted regardless of the setting value.

Irfan View-027

An image with the specified background color is created, and editing such as pasting the copied data to the clipboard is possible.

Cutting and cutting (trimming)

IrfanView allows you to crop the selection and cut the selection.

Irfan View-118

When you drag the range to be cut out with the cursor, the range selection line is displayed.

Irfan View-117

Of the menu Edit から Cut out the selection Select orCtrl + Y Perform trimming with.

Irfan View-119

The trimmed state is overwrite save Or save as Save inoverwrite save Unless otherwise, the original image will not be changed.

Irfan View021

If you want to delete the area other than the selected area without changing the size of the image, select the area and then select the menu. Edit から Delete other than the selection .

Irfan View022

To cut the selection range After selecting the range, select the menu Edit から Cut out range selection Select orCtrl + X The part cut in is copied to the clipboard.

Cut editing overwrite save Unless otherwise, the original image will not be changed.

Thumbnail display

IrfanView implements an explorer function that displays thumbnails of files in the menu. File から thumbnail Select or on the keyboard T You can call up thumbnails with.

Irfan View-029

You can use the standard Windows Explorer to display thumbnails of image files, but IrfanView thumbnails can be used for slide shows and file format conversion.

Slide show

There are two types of IrfanView slideshows, one is to add a file to the list and run the slideshow, and the other is to run the slideshow on a file in the folder that contains the currently displayed file.

Irfan View028

To start a slideshow with a file in the folder that contains the file you are viewing, go to Menu File から Run a slideshow with the current file list Select orCtrl + W Press the key of.

Irfan View029

If you want to stop the slide show ESC Press the key.

Irfan View-030

Settings such as slide show display time can be found in the menu. File から Slide show Opens the setting screen.

You can create a list of slideshows on the slideshow settings screen, and select a file in Explorer. 追加 / Exclude Create using buttons such as.

Irfan View-031

IrfanView thumbnailBut you can select an image and add it to the slideshow list from the context menu (right-click menu).

Resize / Resample

It is possible to convert (resize) the size of the image arbitrarily, but it is not possible to perform batch conversion or conversion by selecting multiple files.

Irfan View-032

With the image displayed, in the menu image から Resize / Resample Select orCtrl + R Press the key.

Irfan View-033

The resizing setting screen opens, so specify any size and click "OK".

batch processing

Batch conversion of file formats and file namesthumbnail Of  batch processing To use.


Folder to process thumbnail Open withFile から batch processing choose.



On the setting screen, add the file to be converted in the right pane and set the conversion in the left pane.


Since the conversion target is displayed at the bottom of the right pane, select the target file with "Add to list" and "Exclude list", and sort the files when changing the file names at once.

Format conversion

Batch convert the file format of the selected image.


Working settings で Batch conversion of file formats choose.


Formatting Of File format after conversion Select the file format to output with.


File management folder Specify the save destination with


"Execute" when the setting is completed.

File name change

When converting the file names of the added files at once Work selection Rename files all at once choose.


Assignment name Set the file name to be converted with, and click "Detailed settings" if advanced settings are required.

# Is a serial number,# The number of is the number of digits in the serial number.


You can do a conversion test before you run the conversion, so after you set it up Test file renaming After checking the conversion status with, if there is no problem, click "Execute".

Photo retouching paint

The retouch function allows easy image correction such as gray scale, automatic color adjustment, red eye reduction, and sharpening, as well as color correction that allows you to specify any numerical value.

Irfan View-126

Retouch is on the top menu image Select from.

Irfan View-034

The paint tool is on the top menu Edit から Show paint dialog Select or F12 The paint tool is displayed with the key.

PDFelement9 free distribution

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Irfan View-icon

Installing and using IrfanView

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