How to use Proton Calendar for Android


A secure calendar app that encrypts data end-to-end and emphasizes privacy

Proton Calender Is a Swiss email / VPN provider Proton AG Is an online calendar app provided by End-to-end data encryptionTo protect the privacy of users.

You can use it for free if you have a Proton account,Free version adds calendarIs not available on public calendars Google calendar , Outlook calendar Import from is only possible in the online version.
See below for the online version of Proton Calendar

Installing and using Proton Calendar

An online calendar that encrypts data end-to-end and protects it from external access Proton Calendar is an online calendar provided by Swiss email / VPN provider Proton AG […]

System requirements

Version 1

Android 6.0 and above

Where to get the software

Google Play Store Proton Calendar

App permissions

  • Read contacts
  • Run at startup
  • Full access to the network
  • View network connections
  • Disable device sleep

Install Proton Calendar for Android

Set up after installing the app from the Google Play store.


Install the app from the Play Store.


Proton accountSelect "Sign in" if you have acquired, or select "Create an account" if you want to acquire a new one.


New account Username Set the user name toDomain Select the domain name to use from.

Proton account The Proton Maill ・Proton VPN Available at.


Set a password and click "Next".


Set recovery method Enter the reset email address to use if you forget your login password or the phone number where you can receive SMS, and then click Next.

The login password is used to decrypt the data stored on Proton's servers, and if you forget or reset the password, you will not be able to recover the encrypted data.
If you want to restore your data if you forget your password Setting recovery phrases Or Download recovery file Is necessary.


By confirming that it is not a robot CAPTCHA Is displayed, check it and select the specified image.

hCaptcha Is a service provided by Intuition Machines that collects data such as IP addresses, so if you do not want to use it, issue an authorization code by email address or SMS.


Once the account is created, tap "Start using Proton Calendar" to start it.

Display name

When you get an account with Proton Calendar for Android, your username will be (no name) Is displayed.


Because the display name cannot be edited in the current version Protonmail Need to be changed.

How to use Proton Calendar for Android

How long is supported by the Proton Calendar? 1970-2037 So, the free version can only use the default calendar.


Calendar is by default My calendar Is registered.

The default in the free version My calendar Only available, no new calendar can be added.
Editing the calendar

The default settings for calendar display names and notifications Settings Can be edited with.


From the hamburger button on the upper left of the home screen Settings choose.


My calendar Tap the 3-point reader Edit choose.


Proton Calendar notifications with default settings Push NotificationE-mail Is enabled, the scheduled schedule is notified 15 minutes in advance, and the all-day schedule is notified XNUMX day in advance, so it is suitable for the usage environment. Event notifications / All-day event notificationsEdit with.

Event duration Sets the interval between the start time and the end time when registering a schedule.

Calendar display style

The display format of Proton Calendar for Android is Day / month / schedule And the default is Month Is set to.


The display format is switched from the hamburger button on the home, and the selected display format is automatically set to the default setting.

Creating a schedule

Regardless of the display format, to register a schedule, tap "+" at the top right of the home screen or tap the calendar.

The notation is not in Japanese, but each item can be entered in Japanese.


Although it has not been translated into Japanese yet, the items to be registered are Outlook calendar , Google calendar Same as, enter the title of the schedule and set the time.

If you do not need to set the time All day Check the box and check the regular schedule Do not repeat Select a cycle from the list of.


Add participants To (participants) ProtonMail email addressWill send you an invitation email to the event. Manager

Invitation emails are not sent to email addresses other than ProtonMail, such as Gmail.
location( place ) Does not work with map servicesTherefore, you cannot open the map by entering the address, but you can copy the entered contents.


If you have registered multiple calendars, select the calendar to which you want to add a schedule.


Set the notification method and notification timing and save with "Save".

For details of the schedule Add description Add description Enter in.


The widget is 3 x 2 and the color is linked to the system settings.


The display style is the same as other calendars, and only the schedule is displayed after the current day.

The minimum size of the widget is 3 x 2.

Creating a calendar

Create a new calendar The Plus plan Needs an upgrade.


From the home hamburger button My calendars Tap "+".

The free plan does not allow you to add calendars, so an upgrade dialog will appear.


The calendar creation screen opens, so set the calendar name and notification settings and add with "Save".


Proton account For a fee Plus plan If you upgrade toProtonmail Is fully functional and availableProton Calender You can also take advantage of up to 20 calendaring and sharing features.

Paid ProtonMail members will receive 1GB of bonus storage each year in the month of account creation.


Cannot upgrade directly from Proton Calendar for AndroidBecause,ProtonMail official website Login from.


The first time you access ProtonMail Display name And style settings.


Tap the upgrade icon in the upper right.


By default 1 year updatePlan is set to Euro settlement, so select the plan and settlement currency.

There are three plans: monthly, one-year renewal, two-year renewal, and settlement currencies of euro / US dollar / Swiss franc.
Although it fluctuates depending on the exchange rate, the US dollar is the cheapest.


For individual users Plus Tap "Select plan" of the plan.


Options such as storage capacity, number of available email addresses, and ProtonVPN usage are displayed, so if you do not need to add it, set the default setting to "Continue".


Payment methods include credit cards PayPal And Bitcoin can be selected, and when payment is completed, the paid plan function will be available.

If you wish to pay in cash, please contact Proton Support.

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