Installing and using PhotoScape X


Multi-functional free photo retouching software that allows easy operation and advanced processing

PhotoScape X Is a Korean software vendor  MOOII Tech It is a free multi-functional photo retouching software developed by the company, which can be used for a wide range of purposes from full-scale retouching to funny processing, with image viewers, image editing, collages, GIF animation creation, and batch conversion of file formats.

need to pay PhotoScape X Pro Upgrading to will greatly increase the available items such as stickers, frames and filters.

System requirements

Version 4 Currently

OS: Windows 10 (1709 or later)
CPU: Processor that supports 64-bit

Confirmed to work on Windows 11.
Windows XP ~ 8.1 PhotoScape 3.7 use.

Where to get the software

PhotoScape X download page

PDFelement9 free distribution

Install PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X is only available in the Microsoft Store, so install it from the Microsoft Store.


Search for PhotoScape X directly in the Microsoft Store, or click Download from the official PhotoScape X site.


The browser will open, so click "Get Microsoft Store App".


When the dialog appears, open the Microsoft Store.


Installation starts with "Get".


"Open" when the installation is complete.


PhotoScape X starts.

チ ュ ー ト リ ア ル

The main features of PhotoScape X are  Viewer-Retouch-editor The retouch and editor can now see the menu location and tutorial on the home screen.


Home Is displayed by clicking the PhotoScape X icon in the menu bar.

On the home screen, the left pane is the menu list, and the right pane is the corresponding function. Location (Location) is displayed, Play icon (▶) opens the video tutorial.

In the part of the play icon Get PRO version Those marked as are paid functions.

How to use PhotoScape X

The main menu of PhotoScape X is Photo viewer, photo editing, cutout, batch editing, collage, concatenation, GIF animation, printing, tools It is divided into


Select the menu from the toolbar.


Photo viewer

Photo viewer In addition to displaying image files, you can also play video and audio files.

It supports major formats for images, videos, and audio, and can read RAW files from digital cameras.


If you specify the folder where the images are saved in the file explorer displayed in the left pane, the images in the folder are displayed as thumbnails in the right pane.

The thumbnail display in the right pane is in the upper right Grit display-List display-Loupe display-View on the whole screen You can switch with the icon.


The image file is 写真 If, of the selected image EXIF informationIs displayed at the bottom, and you can change the display magnification of the image with the slide bar.


When you double-click the thumbnail image Loupe display Switch to.

If you increase the display magnification with the slide bar, the currently displayed part will be displayed in the lower right, and you can move the displayed part by dragging.


The slide show can be run from the context menu (right-click menu).

The slide show shows the images in the currently selected folder.
To end the slide show, double-click the displayed image or click the "X" displayed by mouse over in the upper right corner.


Edit the display speed of the slide show and the effect when switching from the setting icon at the bottom.


You can check the detailed EXIF ​​information of the displayed image by clicking while the slide show is running.

Photo editing

Photo editing In addition to retouching, you can insert text and shapes, decorate stickers and frames, resize, and crop.


Photo editing Select to select a file from the file explorer in the left pane, or drag the image you want to edit to add it.

photoscape x016

Select from the menu on the upper right for retouching and editing.

photoscape x020

The operation menu at the bottom is Edit Common to the menu.

return: Discard all applied processing and return to the original state
cancel: Cancel the previous operation
Start over: Disable the last "Return" and "Cancel" operations
Original comparison: Click to see the original
Comparison: Click to display the image before the last processing
開 く: Open a new image file
save: Save the image file


Click "Save" to display the dialog, and select the save method.

save : overwrite save.
Save to the specified folder : Save to any location without renaming the file.
Save as : Change the file name and file format and save it in any location.
Back up the original photo When is enabled, the original is automatically saved in the PhotoScape folder in the Pictures folder when the original is overwritten.


In "Save As" File type You can select the file format to save with.


Edit Is a basic menu that allows you to rotate, flip, correct angles, resize, crop, apply filters, etc. of images.


Click "Apply" to reflect the edited contents in the image.

photoscape x017

The icons at the top are 90 degrees to the left, 90 degrees to the right, rotation, angle correction, vertical inversion, and horizontal inversion.

Angle correctionMaintaining the size of the original and the photo When is enabled, the image is enlarged according to the correction angle, and when is disabled, the image size is reduced according to the correction angle.

photoscape x023

Image resizing and simple color correction can be operated from the basic menu.


Resize Allows you to change the image resolution, select the unit from pixels, inches, and cm, and specify the size and ratio.

photoscape x040

Resample (Resample image resolution) Basic In addition to the sharpNearest neighbor method Because the nearest neighbor method does not correct when scaling, it is the default when zooming with image quality priority. Basic , If you want to shrink Basic Or sharp use.


Cutout In addition to cropping general imagesPerspective clippingCircular cutout There is.

photoscape x024

Circular cutout You can also set the prepared template as the background.


Select the checkered pattern to make the background transparent with a circular cutout.
ミ ニ チ ュ ア

ミ ニ チ ュ ア Adds bokeh to the image.

photoscape x026

Specify the in-focus range.

photoscape x027

Bokeh appears throughout the target range.

Magic Color

Magic Color Is a color correction that automatically adjusts the color tone and contrast for vivid image quality.

photoscape x028

Selecting Magic Color adjusts the color tone and contrast of the entire image.

The color tone is Magic Color Slide bar, contrast Magic color (bright) Adjust with the slide bar of.


If you want to use magic color partially, make sure to apply the magic color. MASKS Multiply.

With the magic color applied to the entire image MASKS Click to remove the effect on the entire image and apply the effect only to the masked area.

photoscape x032

Applying a magic color will make it look better.

ブ ル ー ム

Bloom shine Filter to add.

photoscape x034

Bloom can also be partially applied using the entire image and mask.

photoscape x035

You can easily make the specified range shine.


HDR Is to apply high dynamic range composition in a pseudo manner, and the difference in brightness of the image is widened to make the image clear.

photoscape x036

HDR can also be applied to the entire image and partial application by mask.

photoscape x037

By expanding the difference between light and dark, the image quality becomes sharp.

Grayscale sepia negative

Grayscale sepia negativeEffects such as are applied with just a click, and the effects can be duplicated or mixed.

photoscape x039

By mixing achromatic color, sepia, and bandicoot, you can create a brighter and darker image than the effect of sepia alone.


Adjustment You can select filters installed in general retouching software such as automatic color correction, automatic level correction, automatic contrast, sharpening, blurring, noise, film grain, and white balance.


Each filter can also be partially applied using the entire image and mask.


Adjustment Of Clean skin The Digital foundation When applied only to the skin area using a mask with the filter of, the skin becomes silky without any pores.


Effect Is a filter for mosaic, embossing, frosted glass, etc. Adjustment Same as.


Masks are basically used for mosaics.


Transformation You can cut out text and process it in 3D.


Character mask You can easily create clipping characters using.

カ ラ ー

カ ラ ー Then. Edit You can set the HDR, automatic color correction, automatic contrast, etc. in detail.


Automatic correction Weak / Medium / Strong There are three stages, Magic Color-HDR Saturation, color temperature, exposure, gamma correction, etc. can be set even when is applied.

Film style

Film style Let's easily select an effect from the template Film photo Processing is possible.


To combine each filter, select an effect after confirming the effect with "Apply".


Light Then, when you take a picture with a camera, the light is diffused and reflected. Light leak In addition to (light leakage), lens flare and light effects can be added.


Light leak Is an effect that creates a fantastic atmosphere by blurring the light that is often seen in the Christmas season.

フ レ ー ム

フ レ ー ム Is the effect of adding a frame to an image or cropping it into a template shape.


Shapes allow you to crop images to fit the template type, but popular types such as hearts and stars are only available in the paid version.


Insert You can add stickers, images, figures, texts, mosaics, etc.


You can use all the play-type decorations when posting to SNS etc.


Tools In addition to writing to images, erasing images, correcting red-eye, removing stains, etc., you can erase unnecessary parts. Spot correction brush Is implemented.


Tools から Spot correction brush choose.


Put a mask on the part you want to erase.


The mask part disappears and disappears.

Spot correction brush Since it recognizes the surrounding image and complements it to the mask part, it may not be erased well depending on the image, or it is necessary to repeat the processing of the spot correction brush.

cut out

cut outIs used when you want to erase the background, etc. Magic eraser-Lasso-brush Cut out a part of the image using a tool such as.

photoscape x060

Magic eraser Automatically selects a color that is the same as or close to the dot in the clicked area, and the range of close colors is Tolerance Adjust with.

Magic eraser TheChroma key compositingIt is effective if the subject and the background are clearly separated, such as, but it is difficult to use if the background and the color contained in the subject are similar.

photoscape x061

The most reliable way to erase the background is Path cutting So, with PhotoScape X Lasso Of Close the path By disabling, processing similar to path cutting becomes possible.

Since it is not a Bezier curve, drag the area to be cut out.

photoscape x062

A mask is applied when the start point and end point are overlapped.

photoscape x063

When the mask is flipped LassoSince the part surrounded by "is cut out, save it in a file format that supports transparency such as PNG and GIF.

photoscape x064

brush Is a tool that directly applies a mask, which is convenient when cutting out roughly, but with mouse operation Lasso It is difficult to border the boundaries like this.

Bulk editing

Bulk editing The Cutout-Resize-Color correction-Filter Apply all the effects such as.

photoscape x066

Add an image that does the same thing to the upper pane, edit it, and click Save.

You can also add image folders for batch processing by dragging them to the upper pane from the file explorer on the left sidebar.


segmentation The Bulk editing , then select the thumbnail in the left sidebar and run it from the context menu.


Bulk editing to select the image to split from the thumbnails.

Select all is at the thumbnail Ctrl + A, individual selection is Ctrl Hold down the key and click the image.


From the context menu with the thumbnail selected segmentation choose.


To divide column/row set and run with "split".

When splitting a double-page spread image such as a book, it can be split by column 2 and row 1, but in the case of a right-bound book, the left and right pages will be misaligned after splitting, so rotate the thumbnail 180 degrees after selecting it before splitting. If you rotate again after splitting, you can split in page order. 

コ ラ ー ジ ュ

コ ラ ー ジ ュ Combines 2 to 10 images according to the template.

photoscape x067

Select a template that matches the number of images you want to use, and drag the image to the frame to add it.

The template is Size You can set the resolution of the image to be output with, and you can also adjust the width of the frame, background, margin, etc.
The added image can be rotated and enlarged within the frame.


Link Is a collection of multiple images into a single image, similar to a collage, but in a sequence Level-垂直-tile There are 3 types, and the image size is also Specifying the width , Original size Etc. can be set.

photoscape x068

Level-垂直-tile Select from and add images.

Animated gif

Animated gif Is a function to combine multiple images to create an animation.

photoscape x069

Add images to be used for animation, and set display time, transaction (effect when switching images), and output image resolution.


The display time and transaction can be set for the image alone, and the image resolution can be entered directly in addition to the list.


Tools The screenshot-Color detection-File renamingFunctions that are not directly related to the image editor, such as tools.

photoscape x071

Tools Select the function to use from.

photoscape x072

Screen captures (screenshots) are implemented by Windows Snipping Tool It has almost the same function as, and can use the timer in addition to full screen, specified window, and range specification.

Timer capture after 10 seconds Screen capture The screen on which the window is displayed is captured in full screen.

photoscape x073

Color detection You can check the color of the part where the mouse cursor is located with a color code such as RGB or CMYK.


change name If you want to add a serial number to the original file name, or if you want to use a fixed file name + serial number, use "Detailed settings".

PDFelement9 free distribution

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