Installing and using VLC media player


Open source multifunctional multimedia player

VLC media player Is a French-based non-profit organization  VideoLAN Project It is an open source multifunctional multimedia player developed by the company, which has various codecs built-in and implements effectors, recordings, encodings, and file repair functions.

VLC 2018 in 3 (codenamed veterinarian ) Has been upgraded to support 4K / 8K / 10Bit / HDR / 360 ° video playback, browsing of network drives such as NAS has been enhanced, and hardware-accelerated decoding has become available.

System requirements

Version 3 Currently

OS: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / 7/8/10

Use the old version when running on Windows 95 to Me.

Where to get the software

VLC official download page

Install VLC media player

The VLC installer does not include adware or spyware.


On the VLC download page for Windows Download VLC  Click ▼ from the drop-down list Installer for 64bit virsion choose.

If you select the 32-bit version of the installer, do not specify it from the drop-down list. Download VLC Click


Launch the downloaded installer, and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


Language selection Japanese Then "OK".


The setup wizard will start, so click "Next".


If there is no problem with the license agreement, click "Next".


If the components you want to install are fine with the default settings, but you don't want to use VLC as your default media player File format association Uncheck.

If you don't want to add the VLC menu to the context menu (right-click menu) when selecting a video file Context menu Also uncheck.


Check the installation destination and click "Install" to start installing VLC.


Click Finish to exit the setup wizard.


Only at the first startup Privacy and network policy Is displayed, select the network access policy as you like.

How to use VLC media player

Since VLC has a built-in codec, it can play DVD-Video as well as general video files, and if the file is associated, it will start playing when the file is opened.

Supported input formats
MPEG (ES, PS, TS, PVA, MP3) / AVI / ASF / WMV / WMA / MP4 / MOV / 3GP / OGG / OGM / Annodex / Matroska (MKV) / Real / WAV (including DTS) / Raw Audio: DTS / AAC / AC3 ​​/ A52 / Raw DV / FLAC / FLV (Flash) / MXF / Nut / Standard MIDI / SMF / Creative Voice
In addition to the above, DVD-Video, unprotected Blu-ray Disc, audio CD, etc. can be played, and protected Blu-ray is DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray  , Redfox AnyDVD HD Can be played by using.


The control button regeneration ( pause )·Move playlist-Stop-full screen-effect-Switching playlists-loop-shuffle .


| ◀◀ ▶▶| is used to move playlists and media libraries, and long press to fast forward.

If you are playing without using a playlist, it will be played from the beginning.


There are two types of loops, one is to play only one title repeatedly and the other is to play the whole one repeatedly, and the shuffle is playlist , Media libraryRandomly play the files registered in.


When playing media such as DVD-Video that has menus or chapters set, chapter movement and menu buttons are displayed.


On the menu bar display から Expansion control If you selectRecording-screenshot-Repeat playback of specified section-Frame advance An extended control button such as is displayed.

For fast forward and slow playback, etc., on the menu bar tool から Configuration Open Hotkey You can check the key commands to operate with.
Main hotkeys during playback
-Pause (start playback): Space
-Fast forward / rewind: Alt + cursor keys right (fast forward) and left (rewind)
・ Slow playback: – (minus key)
・ Double speed playback: + (plus key)
・ Normal playback: = (equal key)
・ Full screen display: f
・ Full screen cancellation: ESC


The operation icon to be displayed can be customized, and if you want to change it, you can change it from the menu bar. tool It is in Interface customization Select Toolbar elements Operation icon to add from Line 1 Or Line 2 Drag to.

Open disc

When playing DVD / Blu-ray / CD / VCD / ISO files with VLC, select the type of disc to play.


On the menu bar Mediaから Open discSelect anddiskOf tabs Disc selectionCheck the media to be played with.

DVDs can be played directly because DVDs are selected by default, but when playing unprotected Blu-rays Blu-ray If you do not check, you cannot play.


Blu-ray ISO file Virtual drive After mounting with Disc selectionBlu-ray Check the box Disk device Select the mounted drive from regeneration To do.

DVD ISO file Disc selection It can be played directly regardless of the media specified in.
DVD folder / BD folder

VLC can also recognize and play DVD / BD folders.


Drop the DVD / BD folder to VLC or in the context menu Play on VLC media player It can also be played from.

Open network stream

Network stream is to input the URL of the video file stored on the Internet and play it by streaming, and you can play videos such as Youtube with VLC.


On the menu bar Media から Open network stream Select andPlease enter the network URL Enter the URL of the video in place and click "Play" to start playing on VLC.

regeneration From the drop-down list Add to play queue If you select, it will be added to the playlist and you can play multiple videos continuously.


A playlist is a function that registers files to be played and plays them in order or at random. Click the icon to switch the display.


Of the control button Switching playlists To switch between the playlist and the player.


If you want to open the playlist in a separate window, go to the menu bar display から Dock playlists Uncheck.


Drop the file on the playlist or in the menu bar Media から Open file-Open multiple files-Open folder Added with.


Files in the playlist can be rearranged by dragging, and playlist items can be changed from the item name context menu.


The playlist is cleared when you exit VLC,Media Of Save playlist fileYou can save the list with, and when you open the saved file, VLC will start with the playlist loaded.

Media library

Media library If you register a media file to be played by VLC inplaylist You will have quick access to the media you create and play.


You can register folders, and the registered items will not be cleared even if you exit VLC.

In the context menu of the media library Clear playlistWill delete all lists registered in the media library.

Effect / synchronization (sound deviation adjustment)

For effects audio-video-Synchronizing There are also presets for audio effects.


Of the control button Show advanced settingsAdjustments and effects The screen is displayed.


When using audio effects activation Check the box.


Video effects include image quality adjustment, noise reduction, cropping, etc. When using, check each item to make adjustments.

How to correct the image quality and color Basic Set in tab,Basic Filters such as grayscale and inversion can be set on tabs other than.


Synchronizing You can adjust the sound deviation and subtitle deviation.

The slight difference between the video and audio is often preceded by the audio. Audio track synchronization Increase the value with to delay the audio, and if the audio of the video is delayed, set the value to minus and precede it.


VLC implements a video capture feature that allows you to record the video or desktop you are playing.

When using recording Expansion control To enable.
Saving the video being played

The recording of the video you are playing is close to a copy and is saved in the video folder in the same resolution, codec, and file format as the source.

The recording function can also record the video being played, but it is the same as shooting a video in a movie theater, so if you use it with copy-protected content Copyright Law Article 30Conflict with.


While playing content recording Press the button to start recording and press the stop button to end it.

If you click the play button and then press the record button, the video will advance for about 1 second, so if you pause it in the same way as dubbing for videotapes and cassette tapes, then press the record button and then play it, it will be smooth. Can be recorded on.
Desktop capture

If you want to capture the desktop, in the menu bar Media から Open the capture device Click


Capture board The Direct Show から desktop Changed to.


Specify a frame rate and select Play to display the desktop in full screen on the VLC playback screen.

If you increase the frame rate, the video will be smooth, but there is a lot of waste in places where there is little movement, and the file size will increase in proportion to the frame rate, so 10 to 20 frames / sec is a guide.


recording Click the button to start capture, Stop Click the button to finish and capture the video .avi As a file videoSaved in a folder.

In a multi-monitor environment You cannot specify the monitor to capture or the capture range.
Saved avi Is an uncompressed file using the RV32 (32bit RGB) codec, so capturing a 1920 x 1080 monitor at a frame rate of 20fps will generate a huge file of 20GB in a 3 second video.

File repair

VLC implements a function to repair damaged video files, and it may be possible to play files that cannot be played by other media players, and it is also possible to save the repaired files.


To repair files, use the menu bar Media から Convert / Save choose.


File selection Drop the video to be repaired in the place of, or specify the file from "Add" and click "Convert / Save".


プ ロ フ ァ イ ル Of Create a new profile Click


Enter the profile name to be created in the place of profile name,Encapsulation Specify the same format as the source or any container format on the tab.


Video codec On the tab video Enable Keep the original video track If you check, you can copy the video track without encoding.


Audio codec Tabs tooaudio Enable Keep the original audio track Check the box.


After setting, create a profile with "Create".


プ ロ フ ァ イ ル From the list of Select the profile you createdThen,Output file Specify the save location and file name from "Browse" in "Start".

If the repaired file cannot be played on another media player, save the fileRe-encodeTo do.


VLC also implements a video format conversion (encoding) feature to copy the track File repair If playback fails, you may be able to play it by re-encoding.


To repair files, use the menu bar Media から Convert / Save choose.


File selection Drop the video to be repaired in the place of, or specify the file from "Add" and click "Convert / Save".


プ ロ フ ァ イ ル Select the format you want to convert fromOutput file Specify the save location and file name from "Browse" in "Start".

If you want to make a video recorded from analog broadcasting progressive  Deinterlace Check the box.


When setting the encoding プ ロ フ ァ イ ルNext to toolClick the icon.


In addition to the file format, you can set the codec and bit rate.

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