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Installing and using BlueGriffon

BlueGriffon, a WYSIWYG-compatible web authoring software with basic features available for free, is the developer of the open source web authoring software Nvu, Disruptive I […]


Installing and using KompoZer

Free web authoring software for creating web pages KompoZer is a web authoring software that allows you to create web pages with WYSIWYG.Markup language (Compi […]



Setting and using Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter, an ad management plugin for WordPress that allows flexible display settings, is an ad management plugin for WordPress, and even in the free version, you can specify the device to display ads, headlines, contents, comments, etc. […]

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How to use Ad Invalid Click Protector

Ad Invalid Click Protector (AICP) is an open source WordPress plugin that disables abnormal clicks on ads, and is a countermeasure against adsense hunting […]


WordPress started by beginners

WordPress for beginners in web production WordPress is a world-famous open source blogging platform that can be installed and used on any server that meets the WordPress system requirements […]


WordPress child theme creation and customization

Create child themes to customize WordPress original themes WordPress original themes require CSS editing for theme colors, fonts, etc. PHP […]