Installing and using the Xtreme Download Manager


Multi-functional downloader that improves download speeds up to 5 times

Xtreme Download Manager Is in the Czech Republic Subhra Das Gupta His open source multi-functional downloader speeds up downloads by up to 500%, supports interrupted download resumption and video downloads, and works seamlessly from major browsers.

System requirements

Version 7 Currently

OS: Windows

Where to get the software

Xtreme Download Manager Official Website

XDM uses .Net and UX has been improved Version 8 β The Published on GitHub are doing.
PDFelement9 free distribution

Install Xtreme Download Manager

The Xtreme Download Manager installer does not include adware or spyware.

The following is the installation of 8 β.


8. 0 When you start the β installer, the setup wizard starts. Click “Next”.


If there is no problem with the license agreement I accept the terms in the License Agreement Check the box and click "Next".


If you are not particular about the installation destination, the default setting is "Next".


Now that you are ready to install, click "Install".


The User Account Control dialog will be displayed, so click "Yes" to allow it.


Installation is completed with "Finish".

Extension installation

Xtreme Download Manager Install an extension to monitor your browser for seamless downloads.

Supported browsers
Edge / Google Chrome/ Firefox/ Vivaldi / Opera / Brave な ど


Xtreme Download Manager The browser monitoring setting screen opens when you start up for the first time, so Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera start the browser and click the icon.

Chromium browsers such as Brave / Vivaldi Chromium-based browser From the link chrome web store, Waterfox and other Firefox browsers Firefox based browser Of ADD ONS open.


Install the extension in your browser.


When the access permission dialog is displayed, click "Add extension".


Setup is complete once the extension is installed.

If you use the stable version (version 7), restart your PC after setup.
Temporarily if the extension malfunctions on a forum page, etc. Browser monitoring To disable.

Automatic startup

Since automatic startup is not enabled in the current version,Startup Register the shortcut in or manually launch the Xtreme Download Manager after restarting your PC.

Download settings

The Xtreme Download Manager is optimized with default settings, so you don't need to set it unless you need to change the number of simultaneous downloads, download speed limit, or storage location.

Japanese is not supported.


Download tasks to run by default 1 If you want to run multiple download tasks at the same time, Settings From the left sidebar of General settings Select Maximum simultaneous downloads Set the number of tasks to be executed at the same time.

Performing simultaneous downloads will reduce performance in proportion to the number of tasks being performed.


If you want to change the default download folder, go to the left sidebar General settings から Default download folder Edit with.

Version 7 has different default folders depending on the file format, so all files DownloadSettings are required when saving to a folder. 


If you want to change the save destination depending on the file format to download,Download categories Edit the extension and save destination with.


If there is an update, it will be displayed at the bottom right of the home and you can update it with one click.


At the bottom right of the home if there is an update Update available Is displayed, so click.


When the content of the update is displayed in the dialog, click "Yes" to start the update.

How to use Xtreme Download Manager

If you have the browser extension installed and monitoring enabled, the Xtreme Download Manager will start automatically when you download.

It does not support downloading from cloud storage, etc.If the download does not start or if the download file is detected abnormally, stop the browser monitoring before downloading..


The Xtreme Download Manager starts automatically when Windows starts and resides in the task tray.


Click the download link in your browser to display the Xtreme Download Manager dialog. Click "Download Now" to start the download.

For servers that prohibit the use of downloaders, etc. Do not capyure download from this address Click to switch to browser download.


The progress of the download is displayed in a dialog.

Clicking Stop or closing the dialog will interrupt the download and pause Pause, both of which can be resumed with Resume.
Select Hide to hide the dialog, or redisplay it. settings Of General settings It is in Show download progress window To enable.


When the download is complete, a dialog will appear, "Open folder" will open the download folder, and "Open" will open the downloaded file.

Don't show this again To hide the dialog and redisplay it with settings Of General settings It is in Show download complate dialog To enable.
Resume task

Tasks that closed the progress screen or clicked "Stop" during download, tasks whose download was interrupted due to a connection error, etc., and tasks that are held at the time of scheduling are listed in Home. Incomplete Stored in.


To resume the download, select the task and select the tool menu at the top. DESCRIPTION .

Unnecessary tasks Delete Delete with.
Download file

By default, files that have been successfully downloaded will be in the download folder. Documents-Music-Video-Compressed-Application It is saved in folders.

Download destination settings Of Download categories  Can be edited with.


The download category is displayed on the left sidebar of the home, and by default, double-clicking the download file opens the save destination folder, which can also be operated from the tool menu at the top.

If you double-click to open the file settings Of General settingsDouble click on download item The Open file change to.

When downloading the file ScheduleIf you set, you can set the time zone for downloading when the PC is running, and if the task does not finish within the set time, it will be paused and put into a standby state.


If you want to set a schedule, it's under Home Queue and scheduler choose.


ScheduleEnable Scheduler After enabling and setting the date and time when the download is possible, "Save".

The set schedule is Default queue It is saved as, and you can add a schedule with different settings with "New".


If you want to set a schedule for the download task, select the schedule from the "Download Later" list on the download screen.

Video download

Xtreme Download Manager also implements a video download function, which allows you to download videos protected by YouTube and other devices.

Version 7.2 shows the "DOWNLOAD VIDEO" button on the desktop, but version 8.0.1 does not show the button.


To download the video Copy the URL in the address bar with the target video open.

You can also enter the playlist URL to download all at once.


Home New から Video download choose.


Since the dialog opens with the copied URL entered Search Products Click the icon.


After recognizing the video, set the resolution and save destination to download and execute with "Download Now".

Download from extension

When you open a video site, a browser extension will detect the video in the page.


When you open the video site, the Xtreme Download Manager extension will show the detected files, and select the file you want to download to start the download.

If you don't have the resolution you want, change the resolution in your browser's player settings.

Media converter

The stable version of Xtreme Download Manager has a media file encoding function that allows you to set the file format, codec, bit rate, etc. for conversion.

 Media converter to version 8.0.1 β Unimplemented.


To encode the file, select the downloaded media file and select the downloaded media file from the context menu (right-click menu). Convert choose.


At the top right of the settings screen Customized Set the encoding from and execute with "Convert".

PDFelement9 free distribution

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