How to save videos from video streaming services


How to save Amazon Prime Video and Netflix content to video files

When using video streaming sites such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, the titles I intended to watch later often disappear, and I don't know the next delivery date, so it would be nice if I could save the content, but archiving the content ( Preservation) and duplication are prohibited by the Terms of Service.

Video streaming site

Save content

How to save content on streaming sites RecordingDownload There,Recording (Capture) records the content being played in the browser andDownloadRemoves DRM from the delivered content and saves it.

Content protection
Since the content distributed on the video streaming site is protected by DRM, the downloaded title can only be played in an environment that meets certain conditions, such as a dedicated application.

Although copyright law allows copying for private use, Avoiding technical safeguards Reproduction of content protected by electronic or magnetic methods such as DRM is in violation of copyright law.

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Even with regard to recording using a screen recorder, the content distributed on the streaming site has recording prevention measures, which is an illegal act that violates the avoidance of technical protection measures.


Since the download removes the DRM of the distributed content and downloads it, the file can be acquired in its original state regardless of the computer environment.

・ The content to be downloaded is the same as the distributed source, so the quality is high.
· Get ​​only sources that don't have promoters, overlays, wipes on end rolls, etc.

・ Download is fast because it does not play
・ If the communication status is unstable, it will take time to download, but the content will not be affected.
-Doing other work on your computer while downloading does not affect the content.
・ Multiple titles can be downloaded at once depending on the application.
・ Requires an application dedicated to the streaming site to be used
・ More expensive than screen recorder
· Unsupported DRM protected content cannot be downloaded
・ Downloadability depends on the specifications of the streaming site
StreamFab All-in-one

Recommendation ★★★★ ☆

Supports popular streaming sites in Japan, and batch download of series products is also possible.

You can also purchase the streaming site you use individually.

Install and use StreamFab All-in-One

Download videos from video streaming services and video sites StreamFab All-in-One was developed by Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao Software) […]

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StreamFab module
Clever Get

Recommendation ★ ★ ★ ★

There is no function such as batch download of series products, but live distribution services such as SHOWROOM, LINE LIVE, and Nico Nico Live Broadcasting can also be downloaded at a lower price than StreamFab.

The streaming site to be used can be purchased individually.

Install and use CleverGet All-in-One

A reasonable all-in-one video downloader that can remove DRM from video streaming services and video sites and download videos CleverGet is a Chinese software vendor Moyea S […]


CleverGet module
Amazon Prime VideoNetflix / Movie (AbenaTV, GYAO, TVer)

Recommendation ★★ ☆

Although the price is lower than StreamFab, the completeness of the application is currently low, such as the inability to download multiple titles at once and the download speed being unstable.

How to Save Videos-002

RedFox AnyStream

PDFelement9 free distribution


Since the screen recorder is used for recording, not only streaming sites such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, U-NEXT, and hulu, but also all videos played on the desktop such as live chat, online meetings, classes, and game play screens are recorded. It can be done, the price is reasonable, and free software exists.

How to Save Videos -012

・ Since the desktop is recorded, the app is highly versatile.
・ Many of them are offered at low prices, and there are also free software.
・ Maximum resolution becomes monitor resolution
・ Overlay display cannot be avoided
-Recording time is equal to the playback time of the content 1x speed recording
・ Recording start / stop operation is required

・ Block noise generated by unstable communication is also recorded.
-Since the system sound is recorded, sounds other than the playback content are also recorded.
・ Editing work is required for cuts such as promoters that enter after playback such as Amazon Prime 

How to Save Videos-004

How to Save Videos-003

The screen recorder also records the overlay that is displayed when the mouse is over.

Free  Old version Amare Coco

Recommendation ★★ ☆

The old version of Amare Coco is highly complete as a screen recorder that can be used for free, but it is not versatile because it uses its own codec, and it is necessary to switch to an external codec or encode the recorded file in the settings.

It worked barely until Windows 10, but now I can't record on Windows 11.

Installation and usage of the old version of Amare Coco

Free desktop capture available on Windows 10 AmaRecCo is a desktop capture developed by amaman, with its own codec AMV as well as an external codec […].

Free FlashBack Express

Recommendation ★★ ☆

FlashBack Express recording files .fbr It is saved in a unique format called, and can be output to MP4 / AVI / WMV format files using a dedicated FlashBack Express recorder, but it is not suitable for movie capture because the frame rate at the time of recording is up to 10 fps.


Installing and using FlashBack Express

Free Desktop Capture for Creating Tutorials FlashBack Express 6 is a desktop capture developed by British software vendor Blueberry Software and is a free version […]

Free NCH ​​Debut

Recommendation ★★★

The one-week trial period is full-featured, with no watermarks on the recorded files, making it suitable for single-shot use and supports recording on external devices such as analog video as well as desktop captures.


Installing and using Debut

Simple and easy-to-use multifunctional video capture Debut is a capture software developed by Australian software vendor NCH Software that can be used for desktop and webcam recording as well as VCRs […].

Movavi Screen Recorder

Recommendation ★ ★ ★ ★

It is easy to operate and has a function to edit recorded files, so you can cut unnecessary parts such as promoters.


Installing and using Movavi Screen Recorder

Easy-to-use screen capture that can also record streaming video Movavi Screen Recorder is a desktop cap developed by Cyprus software vendor Movavi Software […]

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Recommendation ★★★ ☆

The editing function is not implemented, but the operability is good and the lifetime version, which can be updated with a free update, is reasonably priced at just under 4,000 yen.


Installing and using Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, a desktop capture app for video chat and webcam recording, is a desktop key developed by Chinese software vendor RayShare Co., Ltd. […]


PDFelement9 free distribution

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