Overview and usage of VirusTotal


A free tool that can inspect files and websites for malware online

VirusTotal Is an Irish security vendor Chronicle Security Ireland Limited It is an online malware detection tool operated by the company, and as of March 2022, more than 3 antivirus software can scan files and URLs free of charge.

VirusTotalIs a Spanish security vendor in 2012 Hispasecから Google Acquired and owned in 2018 A Indirect subsidiary of Chronicle LLC Family business Chronicle Security Ireland Limited Is moving to.
Previously it supported Japanese, but now it is only written in English.
Risk of information leakage

What was scanned by VirusTotal sample Since it is shared with members who have subscribed to VirusTotal for the purpose of improving the security level, there is a risk that information will be leaked if files such as confidential information attached to emails are uploaded.

VirusTotal prohibits the uploading of personal data and personal information.
VirusTotal paid service Virus Total Intelligence If you subscribe to, you can check the inspection report of uploaded files and URLs.Macnica Networks Survey Then, I also confirmed the file with the contents that seemed to be confidential.
Errors in browser extensions

You may not be able to log in to Internet banking, etc. in an environment where the VirusTotal browser extension is installed.


Error code in SMBC:PC-CECEE12-09005-E Will result in a transition error.


The error is VirusTotal Browser Extensions Occurs when updating to version 4.0 of the extension Options It is in Access to the site The Only when clicked It can be avoided by changing to.


VirusTotal official website

How to use VirusTotal

VirusTotal allows you to inspect files and links with more than 70 antivirus software and check scan results.

The URL of the phishing site mentioned in the spam email is Chub Since it may be a judgment, the result of VirusTotal is for reference only.

FILE – File

FILE Now you can inspect Zip files, installers, etc.


If you want to scan the file  FILEAfter selecting, click the "Choose file" button and specify the file to upload.


Once the file is uploaded and the analysis is complete, a list of antivirus software and scan results will be displayed.

For suspicious files (PUA), unanimous results are unlikely to occur, and false positives are at the user's discretion.


MEASUREMENTS You can check the file checksum, file type, version and signature, past scan history, etc.


URL Now you can check the safety of the link destination without opening the link.


URL Select  Search or Scan a URL  Enter the URL to validate in the address bar of.


The judgment result of the entered URL is displayed.

PDFelement9 free distribution

VirusTotal Desktop Apps

VirusTotal is provided with a desktop app that allows you to send files to VirusTotal directly from the context menu (right-click menu).

VirusTotal Desktop Apps download page


On the download page Windows Uploader It is in Dowmload the App here Click the link to download the installer.


When the downloaded executable file is started and the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


The license agreement will be displayed. Check the contents and if there is no problem, click "I Agree".


Select the components to install.

Disable Desktop shortcuts if you don't need them.


If you are not particular about the installation destination, the default setting is "Install".


The progress bar Completed When becomes, click "Close" to close.

How to use VirusTotal Desktop Apps

When the installation is completed, the context menu will appear. Send to VirusTotal Is added.


Select the file you want to inspect with VirusTotal from the context menu Send to VirusTotal choose.


When the file is uploaded, close it with "Close this windows".


The browser opens and the test results are displayed.

Browser extension

Desktop apps inspect locally stored files, Google ChromeMozilla Firefox Provides VirusTotal extensions that allow VirusTotal to scan for download files and download links.

VirusTotal Browser Extensions 
chrome webstore VirusTotal extension VT4Browsers
Firefox ADD-ONS VirusTotal Extension VT4Browsers


Google chrome chrome web store , Firefox Firefox ADD-ONS Extensions from VT4 Browsers Installed in your browser.


Google chrome will be added to the list of extensions, so click the pin icon to pin it.


Click the VirusTotal icon to make basic settings.

Document files are excluded by default Scan download filesScan download links Is enabled and passive DNS data is also sent anonymously.

Document files are excluded because they may contain sensitive data as well as personal data and personal information, so we recommend that you keep the default settings and exclude them from scanning.
Passive DNS The data of can analyze the page accessed by the history that linked the IP address and the domain.


If the extension is enabled, the download URL and download file will be sent to VirusTotal when the file is downloaded.


Go to VirusTotal URL report Is the inspection result of the download URL, Go to VirusTotal File report The inspection result of the download file is displayed in the browser.

If you use the browser standard downloader, you need to confirm after downloading the file.
Free Download ManagerIf you are using a downloader such as, it may not work properly.
PDFelement9 free distribution

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