How to purchase a Leawo product and register a license code


 Introducing Leawo sale information, purchase procedure and license registration method

LeawoIs a software vendor based in Shenzhen, China Moyea Software Is a brand of multimedia tools developed by Moyea Software for products in China and products for overseas.  Leawo software A total solution app for copy ripping that implements the copy guard release function for DVD / BD. Leawo Prof. Media In addition to releasing video encoders, DRM removal apps, etc. at a reasonable price, a free Blu-ray player  Leawo Blu-ray Player Are offered.

Current Sale (Updated June 2022, 9)

title:Autumn exciting campaign
Period: November 2022, 9 ~

All Leawo products in a set Leawo All-in-1 70% off!


Campaign special page

Sale contents

XNUMX% OFF for a limited time
XNUMX% OFF for a limited time
  • BD/DVD Comprehensive Pack
  • DVD Comprehensive Pack
XNUMX% OFF for a limited time
XNUMX% OFF for a limited time
30% OFF for non-sale items by entering the coupon code
Coupon code:LSPROGO30OFF

Leawo purchase procedure

Leawo is an all-in-one with multiple modules available, or you can purchase only the required modules (features) separately.

All-in-one The license is permanent Indefinite edition Only with a major version upgrade, there is no need to renew the license and the update is applied, so the cost performance is high.  
The campaign price is not reflected in the "Buy Now" or "Store Page" of the single function page, so be sure to Campaign special page Buy from.

Leawo Info-001

Leawo Official Purchase Page

Purchase non-sale items such as the subscription version from the store page.

If adblock is enabled, the buy button will not respond, so you need to unblock it when you buy a product. 


The display method differs depending on the product, but the expiration date of the license 1permanent Choose from two choices.

Blu-ray copy / Blu-ray conversion /A DVD version is bundled with Blu-ray creation for free.

Leawo Info-005

Check the contents and amount of the cart.


Settlement is a global settlement agency service 2Checkout Made inCredit card-Convenience payment-Bank Transfer Is available and if you choose bank transfer WIRE Transfer Select the icon.

If ad blocking is enabled, switching payment methods will not respond, so you need to unblock ad blocking when purchasing products. 
The transfer destination of the bank transfer is the storage agency Global Collect Japan Of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Hydrangea Branch .
PayPal cannot be used.


Select a payment method Email Address と Payment informationEnter and click "Next".


Click "Confirm Order" when you are done.

For subscription versions with a license expiration date of "1 year", the option to auto-renew the subscription is displayed above the order confirmation button, so uncheck it if you want to disable auto-renewal..
To the registered email address when payment is authenticated 2Checkout supportThe URL to get the license key from Order confirmation emailYou will receive a license key by clicking the link in the message.
Display the order completion screen until you receive the order confirmation email, or make a note of the order number.

Leawo Info-019

Launch the Leawo app and click the lock icon in the upper right License registration Paste the displayed license code into the text box of (Ctrl + V) and click the arrow to activate the purchased product.

Lost order confirmation email

If you lose your order confirmation email, go to Leawo's official website order number , Email Address Can be retransmitted by inputting.


Re-acquisition registration code page Enter your email address or order number in and click "Send".

Stop automatic update

To disable the automatic renewal of the subscription version, set it from the management screen of 2Checkout.


2Checkout Payment payment method and suspension of subscription

Global payment service 2 How to stop payment and subscription (subscription) with Checkout 2Checkout is a group that provides a general e-commerce system that is often used in payment services for overseas applications […]

PDFelement9 free distribution
PDFelement9 free distribution

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How to purchase a Leawo product and register a license code

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