Zippo collection


Gallery such as Windy ZIPPO that I was collecting

Needless to say, ZIPPO is a Made in USA oil lighter, and it is also a collector's item whose rarity value has increased in the year of manufacture and it was once overpriced.


Vietnam Zippo

Vietnam Zippo was a big hit from the late 1980s to the early 90s, and a lot of counterfeits were on the market, but since Vietnam Zippo is a standard Zippo carved by local Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, the manufacturing age of ZIPPO. If it is the same as the Vietnam War, it is almost impossible to tell.

Even enthusiasts are divided on whether the carved material at the time of the war is genuine, or whether ZIPPO at that time is genuine even if it is carved after the end of the war.

Lifetime warranty

ZIPPO is one of the selling points of the lifetime warranty, and it is famous that the Zippo that was given to him by his grandfather or great-grandfather was repaired.

Zippo breaks mostly in the hinge part or flint wheel (the part that rubs against the flint), and if it is sent for repair in Japan, the faulty part is the inside unit (the part inside the case) such as the flint wheel. It will be exchanged and come back.

It's usually a pleasure because a worn-out and broken item will be replaced with a new one, but since the inside unit is also engraved with the year of manufacture,antique From the point of view of a maniac, when it is replaced with a new one, it loses its value at once.

Bottom code

The year of manufacture, which is engraved with a symbol or Roman numeral on the bottom of Zippo's case, is the bottom code, which makes no sense to those who are not interested, but it is very important for enthusiasts.

Zippo Collection 001

The bottom code is initially ... , // However, since 1986, the year of manufacture is represented by Roman numerals and the month of manufacture is represented by A to L, and from 2001, the year is the last two digits of the Christian era.


The female character who ignites a cigarette, which you can see in ZIPPO, is a symbolic existence that represents the characteristics of Zippo that does not disappear even when the wind blows. Windy It is called.

Zippo Collection

The Windy used in ZIPPO's design  VARGA GIRL However, Windy was not designed by Alberto Vargas, but by the popular illustrator Enoch Balls in the 1930s.

Zippo Collection

ZIPPO also includes a series of VARGA GIRLs drawn by US illustrator Alberto Vargas.

Zippo Collection-windy-1937

ZIPPO's history begins in 1932, but Windy made his debut in 1937 with a magazine ad.

Since its debut in 1937, Windy has been used in advertising as well as packaging and has become a representative character of ZIPPO, but it wasn't long before it was drawn on the body of ZIPPO. I remember that the material I read first appeared in 1973.

I used to use ZIPPO all the time while smoking, so I was collecting Windy ZIPPO for a while.
Now it's a model 20 to 30 years old, but it's unwilling to sell it and keep it unused.

The cosplay version of Santa is the one I'm most fond of, and the one that was on display at a certain ZIPPO specialty store was not for sale, and it was a gem that I got by searching for the same Zippo when there was no internet.


Marlboro's ZIPPO was obtained by collecting Marlboro's box tops and applying for it, or by a project carried out by Philip Morris International, which was available for purchase.

I have to collect 50 or 60 box tops, and I remember forcibly smoking near the end of the campaign period to get the amount to use and the one for collection.

At that time, the price of red Maruboro was 1 yen per box, which increased to 240 yen in 1998, 280 yen in 2003, 300 yen in 2006, and quit smoking at the timing of 320 yen in 2010.

The only ZIPPO I own in the 80's is Marlboro's Zippo, a gift from a friend who was a former campaign girl.

It seems that I got it when I was doing sales promotion activities for Marlboro on the street, and in the past, campaign girls often handed out cigarettes on the street, but in recent years it has become a difficult world.

Raijin, oil cans, horn zippo, gifts

Japanese patterns that I somehow collected because I liked Raijin, Zippo oil cans and oil can design Zippo for a little maniac, and the 65th anniversary model that I bought for a limited time.


Corner ZIPPO replica

65th anniversary model

Oil can with ashtray

Oil can

Real oil can



I came out when I was organizing Zippo, so I took a picture of Pepsiman's bottle cap.

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