Installing and using Nimbus Note for Windows


Multi-functional organizer app that allows you to manage your notes in a separate workspace

Nimbus Note Is a US software vendor Nimbus Web Inc Organizer app developed by, which allows you to save memos, web page clips and files in a separate workspace, as well asNotebook folder management-note edit lock-Independent ToDo list It implements functions such as

Plan comparison

Free account – Free
・ Workspace upper limit: 1
・Number of notes per workspace: 30 max (including trash notes)
・ Maximum note size: 10 MB

・ Monthly upload capacity: 100 MB

Pro – $ 8 / month or $ 72 / year
・ Workspace upper limit: 3
· Notes per workspace: unlimited
-Note size limit: 1 GB

・ Monthly upload capacity: 5 GB

 There is no limit to the number of devices that can be accessed.

System requirements

Version 1.0.19 as of

OS: Windows

Where to get the software

Nimbus Note official page

Get a Nimbus Note Account

Get an account to use Nimbus Note.

Nimbus note 009

Nimbus Note official website , click Get Started.


When the login screen is displayed, log in by associating your Google, Facebook, or Apple account, or enter your email address and password to obtain a Nimbus account with "Sign up".


Answer the questions when the questionnaire is displayed.

Nimbus note 011

Select the plan you want to use, and enter payment information for a paid plan.

Nimbus note 012

When the welcome screen appears, click "Let's Start!" to start using the web version of Nimbus Note from your browser.

Install desktop app

Nimbus Note installer does not contain adware or spyware.


download page から desktop app  Of Windows Click to download the installer.


When you start the downloaded installer, the installation will be executed automatically.

Nimbus note 014

Sign in with your Nimbus Note account or your associated Google/Facebook/Apple account.


"Allow access" if blocked by Windows Defender Firewall.


Nimbus Note starts.

To switch to the dark theme, click on your account at the bottom left sidebar and select from the account menu Dark theme choose.

Nimbus clipper

Nimbus clipper Is a browser extension that allows you to clip the web page you are viewing in your browser and capture it in your notebook.

If you are using Nimbus Note with your Google or Apple account, Nimbus Clipper Nimbus Note WebLog in to and install.
Support browser
Chrome / Safari / Firefox
Microsoft Egde and Brave Chromium browsers are also available.


Nimbus Clipper page Select the browser to install from.


Install the extension.


From the list of extensions Nimbus clipper Is pinned and fixed to the main panel.


When you open a web page where you can clip Nimbus clipper is enabled and the menu is displayed.

Fragment:Select the part to clip.
Full Page:Clip all pages.
Article:Clip only articles.
Picture :Clip images only.
Bookmark: Bookmark:Clip the link to the page.


You can also specify the save destination of the image from the list at the bottom of the edit screen and add a tag.


Clips are automatically tagged with the domain part of the site, so if you don't need it, Nimbus Clipper's SettingsAutotags Uncheck.

Quick clip button Of Enable quick clip button Enable Select menu quick access Select the clip format you want to use from, and when you click the Nimbus Clipper icon, the menu will be skipped and the clip will be executed in the selected clip format.

Quick clip button When enabled, you can select a menu from the context menu (right-click menu) of the Nimbus Clipper icon.

Nimbus capture

Nimbus capture is a standalone app that lets you take screenshots of your browser and record and edit your browser, desktop, and webcam.

Firefox only supports screenshots, not recording.

Nimbus note 016

Nimbus Capture page Choose a browser to install from  Nimbus Web Clipper Install the extension in the same way as.

Install a browser extension, as it does not work properly with Windows apps alone.



-Page visible part: The part currently displayed on the browser is photographed.
-Capture fragment: Select the part to shoot.
-Selected area: Specify the shooting range by dragging.
-Select & Scroll: The selection can be scrolled.
-Whole page: Shoot the entire page including invisible parts and sidebar.
-Delayed Screen: Delayed shooting that is taken after a 3-second countdown.
-Browser window: Take a picture including browser tabs and toolbars.

When you take a screenshot, it becomes an editing screen, and you can write using the above tool, and in addition to Nimbus Note, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack,save as image can also be saved locally.
ス ケ ッ チ

Blank screen: A blank canvas like a painting app is displayed.


Record Video: Capture your browser or desktop.

With the free version, you can record up to 5 minutes.
If you want to record the browser by enabling the items to be used from the microphone, browser voice, webcam, drawing tool, and watermark. Tab , If you want to record your desktop desktop , If you want to record only webcam images Webcam only , select "START RECORD", and if Desktop is selected, specify the range to record, then press "SHARE" to start recording,Webcam only Webcam recording starts when is selected.

When using a watermark, specify the text to insert, image, display position, etc. in Settings.

How to use Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note can create independent workspaces, and the created notes are managed in folders.

Workspaceis like getting a separate account, and you can set members who share data for each workspace, but you can't add them in the free version.


Nimbus Note on the left sidebar folder , Tag Menus such as, in the center pane of the menu selected in the left sidebar Note list , Selected in the note list in the right pane Contents of the note Is displayed, and you can edit the note in the right pane.


Workspaces can be renamed and Invite members can be accessed from the Workspaces pull-down list in the web app.

You can also chat between members on the web app.

Create notes

All memos, web page clips, images, attachments, etc. Note Saved as.

Note edits are automatically saved at any time, so there is no need to save them, and the default setting is to automatically synchronize with the server every 10 minutes.


The new note is Note list Added with " + Page ".


New Page Enter the title of the note in the place of.


Text input is Start writing or typing Click the part of, and select each icon for check boxes, bullet points, tables, inserting images, and attaching files.

Files such as images and PDFs can be added by dragging to the block (text input space).


An icon menu is displayed for the entered text, and you can add blocks, convert text to checkboxes and bullets, and set the background color.


After upgrading, the specified block becomes edit-protected lock block can be used to prevent text loss due to erroneous operation.

Click the lock icon to edit it again.

Manipulating notes

Operations such as deleting and moving notes are performed from the note menu or the context menu of the note list.



For the note menu, click the 3-point reader at the top right of the note edit screen in the right pane.

History version
Notes can be restored from the version history in the paid menu.
Read only
Editing is prohibited when enabled.


You can also delete or lock from the note list in the context menu of the note.

Copy Internal link
Get an internal link to a valid note in Nimbus Note.
Add to favorites
Added to Favorites in the left sidebar.
Move to another workspace
Move to another workspace (destination folder cannot be specified)
Read only

Make the note edit-protected and view-only.
Deleted notes can be moved to the Trash and restored until they are deleted from the Trash.


The trash can notebook Trash From the context menu of empty trash Can be deleted all at once.


reminderis a function to notify you at the date and time set in the note.



To set the reminder, click the bell icon in the upper right corner of the note and specify the date and time to notify on the displayed calendar.

To repeat the notification, specify the period to repeat from the list next to the time setting.
ToDo list

ToDo list is a memo function with a check box that can be attached to a note.


top right of note To-Do List Click the icon to display a list that can be entered on the right side.

File attachment

Attach files to your notes like email attachments.



Click the clip icon in the upper right corner of the note Drag files here or browse Is displayed, so drag the attached file to the display position browse Click the letter and specify the file to attach.

The attached file will be displayed above the note title.

Get a link when sharing/publishing a note.


To share/publish Open a note and click "Share".


If you publish Enable shared links Enable and issue a link.

Sharing settings If you set a password from , you will need to enter the password when you open the link.

Manage and search notes

Notes in the workspace are managed by folders and tags.


Since the default folder of the workspace cannot be deleted, the context menu Rename to change the folder name.

Create folder

Folders can be nested.


When creating a folder at the top level, the category name Folders Click the "+" displayed in to create a folder.


To create a subfolder, click the "+" displayed in the folder to create the folder.

Folders can be nested by dragging.


Drag notes from the note list to move folders.

Local folder

Nimbus Note for Windows allows you to create local folders that are out of sync with the server.


The local folder can be set only for the folder created in the same top level as the default folder, and when the folder is created, it can be set. Local only Check the box.

Local folders are distinguished by icons,Local folders cannot be changed online.

Tag Is a management keyword attached to a notebook.


The tag is on the left sidebar Tags Register from or note add tags Enter directly with.


At the top of the note editing screen add tags Click to select the registered tag, and enter it directly in the text box to add it as a new tag.

Search Products

Searching for Nimbus Note requires a search term of 3 characters or more, you can narrow down the search to folders and tags, and you can also use search operators.

Nimbus Note search operator

You can also search in Japanese.


You can filter folders and tags by clicking the filter icon in the search box.

Text search in images and text search in document files requires an upgrade to the paid version.


Tasks is a standalone task management tool.


On the left sidebar Quick Links から Tasks choose.


Google To Do List like Listtask can create and manage

Migrating from Evernote

Nimbus note Evernote However, since Nimbus note does not have an export function, data cannot be transferred to other workspace apps.

Evernote's enex file import feature Nimbus Note Web It is implemented in and cannot be imported from the desktop application.
When migrating data Evernote desktop appNeed to export notebooks and notebooks.


Log in to Nimbus Note Web and click on your account at the bottom of the left sidebar in the menu Settings から Import from Evernote choose.


Activate the workspace where you want to import notes and export from "Select File" in Evernote .enex Select the file, specify the folder to import, and click "OK" to execute.

The .enex file that exported the stack in previous versions of Evernote will be imported with the name "notebook" as a tag.

Cancellation of subscription

Nimbus subscriptions cannot be canceled from the account management screen, so please follow the procedure from the URL below.

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